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Interior decorating "American Remastered' style?

Asked by BronxLens (1539points) January 1st, 2011

Saw on tv an interiors decorating section where the invited decorator spoke about an approach to eclectically decorating where one uses items from different periods and countries (e.g. French Rococo-framed painting next to a modern steel desk). He called this ‘American Remastered’. I Googled the term with no luck. Can someone point me to a good site that covers the how-to of this approach? Even a web shop address selling similarly eclectic items will be welcomed. Thank you all.

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I am stumped as well and I do interior design, home staging work.

Now there are two of us in search for this definition.

Sounds like the individuals own clever title to denote this particular style.

Infact, it sounds like my home, I call my style ’ Bohemian, modern ethnic, opium den. lol

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I have a home filled with things I love, things that are comfortable and things with function.

19th English pine, painted armoire and blanket chest from Alsace-Lorraine, glass and steel coffee table, Herman Miller bedroom furniture, 19th luminist oil painting, old quilts, memorablia from my kids’ lower school arts and crafts, acrylics painted by my maternal grandmother, oriental or Killim rugs, bedspreads crocheted by me with a 0 hook, tsotches from both my grandparents, scratches on screens by Milo.

So I’d call it personal style, done over a period of years by the person and not the decorator.

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I’ve seen such a style described as “Eclectic”; never heard of American Remastered. “Hodgepodge” might be another good term.

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I have a degree in interior decorating and graduated 88% overall with honors. Considering that eclectic basically means a mish mash of designs, I am wondering if the interior decorator your talking about has only used “American Style” themes in his eclectic design? Therefore coining the term American remastered. Oh wait no I’m wrong you said he is using the focal points next to a modern piece. Okay honey look up modern eclectic.

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My home is decorated in “Early Old Lady.” China cabinets, English tea cup collection, tapestry couches, doilies. Once when I brought home a side table, my kids had a bet going as to how long it would be in the house before I put a doily on it. My son won the bet, with a guess of 5 minutes.

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@gailcalled My father’s family originated from the Alsace-Lorraine area! Most people look at me funny when I say that term, then I mention the quiche and tell them it is/was in France/Germany depending upon what year the border moved back and forth.

But to answer the question, I think the designer coined his own new term. Which is kind of neat. But I think eclectic (maybe with a little bit of shabby chic) thrown in will do the trick.

@Skaggfacemutt I love your description. LOL.

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I think it’s actually American Style, remastered. This would take an updated approach to distinctly American elements, such as quilts, baskets, Shaker furniture, etc. and adding more ornate or European pieces to it.

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Being a graduate I never studied American style remastered, but I do think this poster may find what they are looking for if they look up modern eclectic/vintage. says for a better description: Home decorating in a “modern vintage” style means using a few vintage pieces for maximum design impact in an otherwise clean and sleek space. Incorporating a few vintage elements into home decor means that meaningful, beautiful antique pieces can be used without making the space feel cramped and cluttered.

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While it is usual to compensate different decorations with constracting details, I’ve never specifically heard of the so called ‘American Remastered’ you’re mentioning.

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