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How do I get my side to stop hurting?

Asked by etignotasanimum (3374points) January 1st, 2011

It started hurting after I slept on it funny three nights ago. I sort of had a feeling something was wrong because my hip hurt while I was laying on it. When I got up, the muscle in my side was really tight-from my hip to my breastbone, and it hurt a lot.
I put one of those Icy Hot patches on it, used an electric hot pad, and put some Tiger Balm on it. Those seemed to help and yesterday it had pretty much stopped hurting.
However, it hurts again today, so much so that I can barely move that side of my body at all. It also hurts when I try to stretch out and lie flat on my back.
What did I do, and how on earth do I fix this?

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It may just be a muscle spasm, pinched nerve, from sleeping in a contorted possistion, but, without an exam, impossible to say.

It might also be a flare up of your gallbladder if you have over indulged with the holidays.

I’d say if it continues to really bother you see your doctor on Monday.

You can try to experiment a little more, hot baths are great for muscle strain, maybe eat very light, no fat, sugar, meat, rich foods, and drink lots of water, if it is your gall bladder.

Obviously if you expereince extreme pain, nausea, fever , go to the emergency room asap.

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Which side is it? Remember your appendix

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Right side, go to a doctor pronto. Left side, take some anti-gas medication.

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Is the pain right side more intense right below the breast? Gall bladder, as @Coloma mentiones. You need an ultrasound, probably to confirm. Lower right appendix. Appendix test is to push on the area, and when you release your hand the pain is much worse. Could also be something along the intestine, have you been able to have a bowel movement? When you go does it relieve the pain?

If it is a muscle take some ibuprofen (always with a full glass of water and a little food) abd be very careful not to strain your side. Don’t life anything over 10 pounds, make sure you fall asleep in the position you typically favor. Left side sleeping is the best, if you are lucky enough to have that as your favorite side.

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