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What would the world be like with no hypothetical questions?

Asked by tlloydie (37points) January 1st, 2011

What would the world be like with no hypothetical questions?

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Some of my guesses are: a theocracy, less scientifically advanced, primitive.

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I would go further – there wouldn’t be any scientific advancement at all. Any advancement in knowledge would be achieved through happy accident.

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I second @JLeslie & @iamthemob. I am glad this is just a hypothetical question, because a real world without any hypothetical questions would be an intellectually belak place.

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I’m afraid all the yellow and brown would seep out and escape into the solar wind. We would be left with the other colors, but we’d never see dandelions again.

Similarly, left-handed alabaster pigs would cease flying. Except on nights of the full moon, where the moon is shielded by clouds.

All further hypotheses would crumble like aged leaves on the forest floor. We would be scrambling around on our knees seeking a conjecture or even the half-baked theory, but, because they were all yellow, we wouldn’t see them, even though they were right below our noses.

On the other had, people with good noses could smell a hypothesis. You’d be able to hold it in your hand. Pet it. But you just couldn’t see it.

My great aunt Phoebe was a physicist and this would just kill her. She might have been into something as esoteric as the way light scatters from the eye of an epileptic, but she would be lost without her research. From what I gather (can’t understand half of what she says), light scatters differently from the left eye than the right one, or the other way around, depending on whether you are left handed or right handed.

But forget about it. All gone. Poof. Hypotheses not possible. Sun not possible. Daffodils not possible. Wandering lonely as clouds not possible.

My guess? We’d have a fifty percent die-off in the first year. Worse even than nuclear war.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – simple, elegant…beautiful.

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