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How do i watch Movies on my Android Phone?

Asked by JesusWasAJewbot (1500points) January 2nd, 2011

I currently have a T-Mobile Mytouch 3G which i could never figure out how to watch movies on. Id try different formats, different APPS, the main issue was always that i got Sound but no Video.

Now im about to upgrade to a T-Mobile G2 or Mytouch 4G and want to make sure i can watch movies on it. How have people been successful in doing so? I was hoping it was only because the Mytouch 3G was an older phone so didnt have the processing power to run them.

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Are we talking DVD rips or what here? I have quite a few things from various sources like Youtube and such that I have no problem viewing on my Droid X.

Formats can be an issue. I find that arcMedia can handle the widest variety, though Meridian seems to handle the stuff I have just fine.

Of course, it is also possible that your old phone is holding you back. I find that even my Droid X can bog a little on the HD stuff despite having more than double the CPU power and RAM of the Mytouch 3G. What version of Android OS is it running anyways? I doubt it’s Froyo (2.2) as they came stock with Cupcake (1.5), and I’m not sure they have the chops to handle Froyo without crippling it just like iOS4 is crippled in older iPod/iPhones..

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I would suggest youtube. I am also with tmo and I had a mytouch 3G and I hated it after using the G1 for 2 years. I now have the G2 and I LOVE it. With the G2 you have tons more options for about anything out there.

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I have the G2 now, but as mentioned before im talking .AVI or .MP4 files that i have downloaded. What apps can play these? Arcmedia and Meridian are file exploring apps?

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They are media player apps. Meridian can handle music and your common video types while arcMedia handles most video types.

Personally, I use Meridian more often, and I also use the Meridian widget for my music. It plays my AVI and MP4 vids just fine.

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Thanks a lot, gonna download it and try it out.

Im not too sure what OS im running, on my Mytouch i hacked it and put the latest Froyo on it. Id like to put the latest on this phone though.

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Froyo is the latest of the widespread releases so far.

Last I checked, there were some unofficial Gingerbread builds for phones that hadn’t yet got a stable version, but I wouldn’t trust them. If nothing else, they won’t auto-update any longer, and they may be buggy, unstable, or outright malicious. They may lack full support for some special things on your device as well; why do you think my Droid X got Froyo after some other phones did?

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Unlike iPhone, Android OS supports both Flash AND HTML 5 (html5 only on iPhone); This gives you a wider variety of options, such as (with captions support) or even link crawlers link OVGuide. Others, serve as community websites, link sharing and embedding websites, those include Film.FM (which supports captions), SideReel which is a community and crawl results site, but not an embedding one, and last – Movies Planet, which provides most things.

captions = subtitles in multiple languages available for the on-site movies.
crawler = an engine, automatically searches the web for content, chasing link to link (like Google)
embedded video = a video from another video hosting website, displayed on the current site.

Hope this was sufficient enough and fully answers your question :)

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