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Can you believe that I am STILL looking for my way to the MANSION just to pay a visit?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20071points) January 2nd, 2011

Aren’t you guys going to send out a fluther search party? I am lost!

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I think the mansion does not exist until you reach 10k.

At that time the beanstalk appears and you ascend to the land of harps, giants and geese that lay golden eggs. ;-)

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It’s like Shangri-La. When you have qualifiedfor entry, it appears in front of you.

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There are many mansions, just who’s mansion you are trying to reach will determine how and if you can get there. 30k and above mansions are in another dimension and us mere mortals can’t get there. 10 and 20k mansions you can get to put you have to know exactly how to get there, like the island on Lost. To get to @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard you have to hack your way through 18 miles of intense jungle filled with armed guards and booby traps. To get to @Austinlad it appears randomly and only for a short time. So when it is sighted you have to ride a horse (motor vehicles send it back into seclusion) like the wind at break neck speed across the Bonneville Salt Flats to reach it before it fades away. To get to @augustlan for instance, you have to find a Gulum who has 3 magical elfin rings about his neck on a chain, through a series of riddle you have to beat him out of all the rings, then you can take the rings to base of Mount Olympus. There in a cave you will find Yoda, give him the rings and he will tell you how to use the sacred crystals to beach the dimension to where the mansion resides.

We know you are lost but right now we can’t do anything. One of out submarines is missing tonight, think she ran aground on maneuvers.

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What mansion? ~
we have ways of dealing with people like you!
You will be safe if you just keep repeating
All hail the multi millennials
All hail the multi millennials!

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My lurve-whoring senses are tingling.

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@ZEPHYRA You have got to work for it, kid.

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You might be lost but soon you’ll be found. Fire up that GPS!

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@rangerr lol!
just as I suspected!

It’s in the frizzer.

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I gotta condo dog house with room for several . . . .

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Ha! I live there now, and before I got swept in, I had no idea where it was. They blindfolded me on the way, so now I am in, I can’t tell anybody else where I am. I also can’t find any way to get out! :-)

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