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WHY do so many men feel that they need to YELL their commands at their dogs to get them to obey?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36370points) January 2nd, 2011

My husband seems to feel he needs to yell to get the dogs to do what he wants. I don’t yell at the dogs, and they do what I tell them to do. But it seems to be a guy thing that I see over and over again. My son and a friend of his came in this morning and Dutchess was being a spaz. I told Chris’ friend to tell Dutchess to “sit” (She’s learning that that means she’s supposed to mind her damn manners!) Well, his voice got all deep and shit and he yells, “DUTCHESS!! SIT” Men DO that all the time! I don’t get it! I’ll tell Dutchess to “sit,” in a normal voice (yes, dropped an octave lower and with a no-nonsense tone in my voice) and she sits. But it seems that MEN think they have to yell. I saw it happening with my grandson when he was about 8,...and I quickly corrected him. I know he was just mimicking some guy in his life. But why do that do that? (Sadly, they do the same thing with children…..)

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you got it right…..Dominance.

my neighbor intimidates my dog. So against my religion.

I try to train with love, not fear.

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You can show dominance without yelling. It’s simply a matter of training. Long time ago we had the neatest dog. Her name was Snuffy. When she was young I was training her not to get on the couch! I was thinking of having kids at that point, and I thought a lot about how I wanted to raise them. Anyway, with Snuff, illegally on the couch beside me, I said, “Snuffy. Get off the couch,” in a quiet tone. She didn’t move. I said a little firmer, but without yelling, “Snuffy. Get off the couch.” She didn’t move. So I whacked and smacked her off the couch!! And then I settled back and said, “I TOLD you to get off the couch.”
From then on, all I had to do was quietly say, “Snuffy. Get off the couch,” and she would. However, eventually she adopted an easy-chair that became hers and hers alone! THEN she stayed off the couch!
I figured it would be the same with kids (and it was.) No need to yell, but definitely a need to show that you mean what you say, and a follow up, if necessary, to show it.

If that’s not dominance I don’t know what is.

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Men yell, just in case their dog has a hearing problem. sounds like a good excuse to me.

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@john65pennington What? I couldn’t hear you…

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I can only agree, yelling at a dog just confuses it and makes it bad natured. I think it is probably related to that thing people do when they meet someone who does not speak their language. They will ask “do you have the time?” and when they see the person they are talking to does not understand, they will yell out “DOOO YOUUUU… HAVE, THE TIIIMMEEEEE?”.

My brother has a dog, a pit bull mixed with a dogo, he is so well trained, you dont even need to give it verbal commands at all, because he will also respond first time to a subtle hand gesture. You point down he sits, you point down with your wrist lower and he will lay down, and so on. As soon as I get out of this apartment and in to a place with some land I’ll get a dog for sure.

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I do see some people do that once in awhile and it doesn’t help.Those individuals need to be trained.XD
@poisonedantidote -Our dog responds to hand signals as well.:)

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Do they make hearing aids for dogs?

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Because they don’t understand it is tone rather than volume that indicates command. Because they don’t understand the difference between a soft and a hard command. Because they don’t understand that standing there screaming the same command over and over is training the dog to that the command is sit sit sit sit sit sit sit, not simply “sit.”

Training dogs is a funny business, anyone who has ever had a dog in their life assumes they are therefore qualified as an expert. Also there are a lot of so called professional dog trainers who took a six week course and now know it all as well.

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Excellent @rooeytoo! Unfortunately, people who yell at their dogs do the same thing with their kids.
I’ve gotten so tired of my dog’s bad manners and I was just at a loss. One of the things they do is just BONZAI out the sliding door (and in) when I let them out (and in.) I’ve started making them sit before they can go out or come in. Dakota picked up on it right away (she was “trained” before we got an attack guard dog, which training she failed because she refused to growl and be mean!) It took a while, but it has really made a difference. They now walk in and out in single file. I’m seeing some progress when it comes to company too…they’ll sit when we tell them too but….still have some work to do there.

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