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Question for Jeep owners (mechanics) what caused your stalling problem?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26829points) January 2nd, 2011

This is a question for Jeep Cherokee owners (or mechanics that know of the vehicle). My Jeep was overheating the previous owner thought it was the heads. There was no oil in the water or visa versa, the compression was good and it wasn’t dumping steam or water from the tail pipe so I figured it had to be something else. I changed the thermostat and determined it was the water pump. So I put in a new water pump. Then the Jeep which ran OK started running crappy, no power, rough idling, then it started stalling when you let off the gas. Took it to a garage to have them pull the codes on it and it came up with a P0743, which is the torque converter clutch circuit. The mechanic says more than likely the engine when off the gas is being lugged down because the clutch won’t unlock. I spoke to another mechanic friend who specialized in transmissions and raced cars he believed it was the Crank Positioning sensor located at the front of the engine near the water pump. He believes the leaking water pump or parts of the gasket when I changed it is fouling out the sensor causing it to give wrong readings to the PCM (just give me back my ’73 Carona wagon, forget all this “brain” stuff). If you ever owned a Jeep and had a bad stalling problem what was your cause? And would you go with torque converter clutch circuit or CPS? I am tired of wallet bombing this vehicle next will be actual bombing. People tell me Jeeps are robust dependable vehicles but I am not feeling it.

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Throttle postioning sensor.TPS
Turn your ignition on and off 4 complete turns without starting the engine.That will reset your ECM-electronic contol module.It re-sets all the codes and your engine will relearn how you drive.
Good luck :)

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Holy shit what a mess. This is probaly not related, because I know nothing about cars, but years ago my car was stalling because it needed new spark plugs.

My recommendation is buy Japanese next time.

Good luck!

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In parts for a Cherokee, the number one electronic item sold is the Crank Position Sensor. You didn’t say which engine you have; but in my experience it doesn’t matter, it’s a Chrysler electrical system. Lucille’s advice is good reboot the sucker and let it sort itself out and if one of it’s light pops on again have it scanned to see if the same code comes up.
My Mazda loves to play musical codes, as does my Jeep TJ.

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I have a 1990 Jeep cherokee Laredo 4×4 6 cyl 4.0…It is back firing through the throttle body. i have replaced MAP sensor, Fuel injectors, 4 pushrods, rotor button, spark plugs, distribitor cap, Knock sensor, EGR valve, it backfires worse when MAP sensor vaccuum line is on. Runs better with the vaccumm line off

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