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I have a sink full of unwashed dishes floating in soapy water and I am too bored and lazy to wash them, do you wash dishes immediately after eating?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (20785points) January 2nd, 2011

Do you wash them as soon as you have eaten or do you let them gather for hours, perhaps even a day and then shudder at the thought of washing them?

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I have a dishwasher, so most dirty dishes go in there until there is a full load and then I run it.
If there are dishes that I don’t want to put in the dishwasher, then I usually wash them immediately or wait until after the meal is all prepared and wash them all at one time. I never let them sit for very long.

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@wilma you sound like a pretty jacked-up, on-your-toes housewife!!!!

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@ZEPHYRA , not really, but since I don’t have to manually wash all the dishes all the time it’s easier to not hate the job.
Besides, I pretend to do dish-washing detergent commercials while I’m doing the dishes, and I play with the suds.

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If I’m feeling ambitious, ready to meet life head-on, then I’ll wash them right way, wash the counters, maybe even sweep the floor. But usually, since we don’t have a dishwasher, I shudder at the thought of washing the dishes.

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I wait until there is a tiny pile. I hate large piles…it makes them harder to do. Less room, more clutter. And especially if something is crusty and needs to soak…aint no way I’m tackling it right away. No point.

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I can’t let them sit there. Everything is cleaned as I go along and dished are done immediately. What can go in the dishwasher does, the rest is washed, dried and put away. Then I feel happy and I can relax!

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@cak that IS the way to go about things, well done for being organized!

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@ZEPHYPA: thank you, it drives my husband batty!

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@cak he should be chuffed to have a lady who keeps the house under control!

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I can’t stand having dirty dishes in the sink. They are either washed right away or put in the dishwasher to wait for a full load.

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No I’m like you. Sometimes they stay there for days!

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I don’t have a dishwasher so I wash as I go honey. I just can’t bear the idea of having anything sitting there. At the end of our meal I have the dishes, pots, cutlery etc washed and put away and my work surfaces and cooker all cleaned. That having been said, I’m a bit of a germaphobe at the best of times. I clean all of the tiles in my bathroom, and in the shower I use a tiny brush (a nail brush I bought for the job) to clean all of the grout between the tiles in the shower with a mixture of bicarbonate soda and white vinegar. Stops any chance of mould/icky stuff growing <shudder>

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I am the cause of my own misery because I let the pots, pans and some larger “cooking implements” sit around for 24 hours which looks terrible. Dishes go into the dishwasher which I run when it’s full or nearly full. I intend to do better in 2011. Intend.

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I hate washing dishes, but I haven’t been lucky enough to have a dishwasher in any of my apartments. So I have one of these. I try to do the dishes as they’re dirtied, but if I let them pile up a bit, at least I never have to fill the sink with water and do them the gross way!

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I’m afraid I let them pile, too, until there’s room in the dishwasher.

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The dishes are always done right after eating. When I sit down to eat the only thing not already put in the DW is my plate and flatware.

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I load the dishwasher right then if it is empty. If it is full, they pile up in the sink until my husband empties it. (I cook, clean up, and load the dishwasher, but I hate unloading it so he does that part. Fair trade, no?)

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I put them in the dishwasher as soon as possible. I’ve always done that. My roommates, however, seem to let them pile up in the sink so I’m the one who puts them in the dishwasher…grr…

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i hate putting up dishes with my shoulder pain. I’ve run the dishwasher twice and there is clean stuff on the counters. :(

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I do the dishes immediately. That consists of rinsing and putting them in the dishwasher. The food comes off easier when still wet.
I never go to bed with dishes in the sink.

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Rarely. I usually do what you have just described, leave them for a while in soapy water! They get washed eventually so I don’t begrudge myself some lazy time after eating.

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I can’t even cook unless the dishes are done. I wash as I cook, and I wash my dish after eatting. Otherwise I’m grossed out.

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@worriedguy “I never go to bed with dishes in the sink.” And your family removes their shoes before entering the house, too, if I’m remembering correctly. Nice.

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Actually, I like to wash dishes so I clean as I cook and wash dishes after dinner. Once I sit down or go to bed, I like to know that kitchen is nice and tidy when I get up in the morning.

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Just to let you all know I’ve washed the dishes!

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