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If you were exiled from your home country, where would you go?

Asked by jaytkay (25767points) January 2nd, 2011

Say you are banned, deported, persona non grata, ejected from your home country. Right or wrong, they kick you out.

What is your home country now and where would you seek asylum?


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I would be banned from the U.S. and we’d probably try our luck someplace in Europe like England.

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If I were exiled from the US I’d go to Israel.

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I now live in the U.S.
I might try Canada, or Scotland.

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England to Switzerland…....I like cheese, what can I say?

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Easter Island!

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Canada, England or France

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From the US, I would go for Spain or France or India.

Spain or France for a Western place where I am forced to learn a new language and the culture is a bit different from my German/Bohemian heritage.

Or India where the culture is WAY different but lots of people speak English.

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From the US, I would go to Japan.

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The final frontier.

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I think I’d find it to be a good excuse to blow my cash traveling the world

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I would be exiled from the US, and I would move to France.

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Sweden or the Netherlands.

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The attempted exile would be from the USA, and – since I can’t imagine why it would even occur – I do not imagine that I would accept it. So I’d probably go to Canada, and re-enter the country however I could.

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I’m not hearing enough “Why?”

WHY would you choose your new home?

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Canada or Scotland, because they speak English. I am used to the Canadian climate and I have relatives in Scotland.

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here’s why.

“There is no place like home, yeah sure there isn’t. What other place can you become ignorant of the world surrounding you, what other place can be a chain, always dragging you back to it. Home, restraints that man willingly places upon himself and finds it comfortable. Home is the same as a prison, just one that people seem to be blind to. I may be almost blind, but at least I can see, at least I can enjoy this world and the things it has to offer. I have no home, I have no place to go back to, so I can always go forwards.”

-some random guy I listened in on during a bus ride to Grand Central

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Germany…because I have been there before, loved the country, food and wine. People there are very nice too.

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If I was exiled from the UK I would go to New Zealand. Can’t get much further away than that.

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Canada, and first I said Italy, but now I think New Zealand as well.

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Socialized medicine is one of my big whys for the three I chose. England and Canada – familiarity of culture and niceness ofpeople. France – beauty and lifestyle.

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Canada possibly, but the cold weather does not thrill me. Maybe Australia? Or, Italy.

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Canada or Australia. I speak the language and the culture would be similar enough to be comfortable, yet different enough to be interesting. I would likely choose Canada if I still had much family left in the US.

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Maybe my husband and I would go to Spain. I have never been there, but I always had this idea I would love it. Spanish is his first language, and I speak it fairly well. I would say Mexico, because he is from there, but he seems almost more nervous than me about some of the crime down there lately. Lol. So many choices. I think if I was not here in the US I would change countries a few times. I think my explorer side would be triggered, being that I am not at home to begin with at that point. Maybe live on a ship and go into many ports.

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But, you need a passport to enter the other countries, so the ship doesn’t work I guess. Not right away anyway. Hmmm. Israel would be the simplest in that case. I need to have legal paperwork. So, Israel or Mexico first, and then I can go from there.

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I agree with @CyanoticWasp . I would try to re-enter the Country. If I, as a decorated, 100% disabled veteran were to be exiled, then things are probably going from bad to worse in the US. I would try to sneak back into the Country and help begin the revolution!

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Oh Canada! Because I speak the language :)

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I’m from the USA, and I’d go to Seoul South Korea. Reason: Because. So, may I please be exiled today? :D

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I’d go to Canada and then sneak back into the US.

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@astrochuck: hahaha, why would you sneak back into here?

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I’m in the U.S., and I would go to eastern Canada, to my father’s home territory. I still have relatives there.

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I’d probably go to Canada, but part of me would want to find someone as warm as California, so maybe Italy or Spain. :)

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If I were kicked out of the U.S., I’d try to take refuge in the Republic of Lakotah or perhaps the Six Nations, since whatever got me kicked out might make me friends there.

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Figi maybe.

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