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What do you think of Second Life?

Asked by bluemukaki (4332points) April 9th, 2008

I went in there a while back and It seems like a big scam to me, what do you think? Have you ever gone into the world because of all the press coverage?

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I went a little while back. It reminded me of the early internet: the only things to do are sex and gambling. Why is that?

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Because they’re something a lot of people want to do in real life, but don’t have the necessary nerve or the necessary access to other interested people.

Seems pointless to me too.

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I found it weird and not easily navigated. I also don’t understand why someone would use REAL money to buy virtual land or other items? The land was in the thousands? On my first visit I was attacked by some horny woman. Not my bag. I would rather Sim City.

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I downloaded and found it very awkward and slow. I’ve also read about it – it’s not my style. Not really interested in creating an online persona or spending money in the form of micropayments.

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I really wanted to love Second Life. I was very excited by the user interface and what I considered to be the gorgeous virtual world that so many members worked doubtlessly so hard to create. After putting careful thought into my avatar’s appearance and making sure I understood how to navigate the world well, I regularly visited different islands and tried to make friends. Although I did connect with a couple of really nice people who were very generous with their time (teaching me how to use the interface better), eventually I lost interest.

The reason I think was simply that flying around Second Life to me was like walking around a ghost town. Maybe it is because I live in Asia and the times that I was online fewer users were connected. I dunno. After a while I grew tired of visiting buildings and looking at new clothes for the avatar. There just weren’t enough PEOPLE there to connect with! I really did want that site to work. I guess I still do. I even spent one new years eve in an inworld disco.

I think my younger brother’s reaction when I first showed it to him summed it up best.
After extolling the virtues of Second Life and showing him a few fun features and islands he remarked, “So it is a glorified chat room, right?”

I was at a loss for words at first, wanted to defend SL…...but eventually, I had to concede, “Yeah, I guess it is.” Anyone who has used chat rooms knows they are really dull places if nobody is chatting.

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I have to agree with the above answers. I do think it will have a future though. It’s just too soon right now.
I see a future for sites like Facebook that work visually.

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I also have to add that I play WoW and have zero interest in other MMO’s. Like Iozza said – I believe a time will come when everyone has an online presence.

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a funny satire of Second Life : Get a first life

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