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What's the fastest way to lost some fat?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) January 2nd, 2011

Ok I know that losing fat really fast is super unhealthy and is not the way to go about things, but it would only be this one time. It’s not what you think though, I’m not an overweight person trying to get skinny. Here’s the deal, the past month or so, I have been eating way too many bad foods, a lot of pancakes, and burgers, junk like that. I gained some pounds. I’m not overweight, I promise. It’s like that baby fat that I’m trying to get rid of you know?

I have a birthday party coming up with like 500 people that are coming! it’s coming up in about 2 weeks, I know this sounds bad but I just need to lose those pounds, and fast. like really fast. So what are all the best possible ways I can just lose that fat? and no I would not consider throwing up, that’s doing a little too much. But again, that doesn’t mean I’m not willing to try other things!

One thing I was thinking I could do, even though it’s unhealthy, (but remember this is like a one-time thing), would be to eat half as much as I usually do, but work out like I always have been? but then I was worried that eating half as much might backfire on me seeing that I might lose energy for doing that, not being able to workout as hard you know? I don’t know….

So please, don’t tell me that this is a bad idea or whatever, just please tell me all the best possible ways I can lose fat.. fast…again, it’s like baby fat is what it is!! I do cardio and I weight lift, I am 19 years old and am a male. thank you!

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Eat lettuce and meat- Dr Atkins diet. It’ll work fast.

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You dont need to necessarily cut the amount of you’re eating in half,
but rather, change what you’re eating.
Stop with the unhealthy “junk” and that alone will help, and fast-
cut all of the bad foods from your diet and replace it with veggies, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins (chicken breast egg whites, turkey etc.) and continue to work out.
Cardio is the quickest way to lose weight in my opinion, running- eliptical-biking etc.
Hope this helps a little.

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Eat oranges for breakfast and drink eight glasses of water a day. :-)

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If you don’t drink any soft drinks, eat cereal or fruit for breakfast, and eat salad/chicken/veggies for lunch and dinner, it should drop right off of you. My manager dropped 30 lbs. in 3 weeks by just giving up cokes. It’s important to eat breakfast because that starts your metabolism going.

Lifting weights will take it off, too. Every other day.

Give yourself a birthday present of not eating junk food or drinking soft drinks going forward.

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Eat less, exercise more. Don’t overdo it, weight loss too fast damages organs. Talk to your doctor before making any drastic changes in your daily routine.

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How long have you known about this birthday party? That’s exactly how long you’ve had to work on this problem. That you have not done so displays remarkable immaturity. Lost what you can, confess that you have not taken care of yourself, pledge to do better in the future.

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I once lost 15lbs in two weeks. Simply by eating fruits, and veggies and lean meat and working out 3 times in the day for a half hour an hour after eating.

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Make sure that what ever you do, STAY HYDRATED. Don’t let yourself be fooled by water weight loss. So often I’ve heard someone say that the weight that they gained was “water weight gain”. But I’ve never heard someone say that the weight that they have lost is “water weight loss”. HA! Seriously forget about trying to lose fat weight quickly. Do it the safe and healthy way which is through a healthy diet and exercise program that you intend on staying on for the rest of your life. Good health!

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don’t eat

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Cardio and a careful diet, but you need to be realistic. Cut the fatty, salty, sugary foods, avoid any kind of soda (cola, sprite etc), do not drink beer or any other drink with lots of calories. Make sure you still eat proper, square meals. Drink water a lot, as that can remove hunger. Find your motivation and set goals, but do be realistic. Basically eat less fat, do more exercise…Jogging is a good way to burn fat, while swimming is also effective.

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@mammal , That is probably the worst thing to do. Exercise as much as you can and drink lotsa water, and dont even think about going to the snack cabninet, or buy anything to fil it. Fill it with healthier foods instead.

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Try the 13 day diet (it’s sort of like Atkins). It works AMAZINGLY well. If you’re faithful, you’ll see a difference in five days. But you may need to stop exercising because you may be a bit weak. But it really works.

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Great answers!! thank you, but why do you all say to make sure I drink a lot of water throughout the day? everyone keeps saying that, why is that an important factor??!!

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Dehydration will slow your metabolism and make your body too weak to work out. You need to stay well hydrated for your body to function at 100% since all your cells and organs heavily rely on water.
Don’t forget to also get a good nights rest each night so your muscles can also regenerate as they should.
Think of your body like a car. Water is gas, and food is the battery and sleep is the coolant. Without either, you simply aren’t going anywhere. Without good sleep (coolant) you may still be able to travel a bit, but the engine is going to overheat and have a melt down.

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What I try to do is follow the Zone lifestyle.My Mom who’s also following it has already went down a size in her pants without feeling like she was starving.If you make a lifestyle change and incoporate some daily exercise you enjoy, then you should be able to get and keep the results that you want.

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