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If you could highlight one moment of your life to be the most pivotal, which would it be?

Asked by vocalthoughts (370points) January 2nd, 2011

Personally, mine would be the death of a friend.

Your own?

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When I first discovered that my beloved Vicky was interested in me romantically. : ))

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It’s hard to decide, there have been around 5 moments that were pivotal…so I’ll name all of them: coming to the United States,the death of my brother, entering NYU, postpartum depression after my first child, meeting my love.

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The day my first son was born.

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About 5 years old, my first haunting traumatic experience which slowly and painfully brought me to accept that I am morally and existentially nihilistic.

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There’s two I can think of…

The death of my grandpa made me see death in a whole new light.
The decision to move to my current state

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There have been a few.

1) The day a grandfather I never met came unannounced to our home and tried to kick in the front door while my mother and I laid perfectly still on the floor. This taught me about the nature of family.

2) Watching two uncles, a grandmother and my father wither away and die. This taught me a lot about life.

3) Adopting my daughter and fighting to keep her when they thought she was “defective”. This taught me about courage.

4) The day I married my wife. After nine years of dating and sticking together through thick and thin. This taught me that love is as much hard work as it is passion.

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Some awesome answers. Hmm, relationship wise, it’d have to be the first girl I loved breaking up with me.

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@cprevite Now that you have created a totally different kind of family have you changed your mind about the nature of family?

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A red headed girlfriend deciding she wanted to go to grad school in Philadelphia.

Attending a party where people were dancing funny.

It’s amazing how small events can have enormous consequences.

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The night I made the decision to leave home to go live with my boyfriend (now husband).

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Birth of my sons

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The death of my parents.

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My birth. Man, nothing was the same after that.

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So far, I think it’d probably be either (a) the day that I heard that a friend died in a crash or (b) the day that I realized that I wasn’t a little kid any more (even though I still kind of think of myself as an 8— or 10-year-old). But I know there will be more life-changing events in the future.

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I’ve never experienced any births or deaths of anyone close to me and I’ve never been in love, so I would have to say the most pivotal moment in my life so far was moving 400 miles away from home and starting a new chapter in my life with my career as well as filming my first screenplay and having my first lead role in an indie film.

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Finding out I had a tumor when I was 15. Dealing with manic depression and realizing that nothing is what I thought it was as a child.

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My father’s death. It didn’t really change me, but it focused me.

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Probably getting into grad school. Up until that moment I thought I was mostly a fuck-up at life.

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My biggest, most pivotal moment was actually very small and had the potential to change nothing in my life at all.

When I was a freshman in high school. I decided to take an ancient history class sophomore year. Sophomores weren’t allowed to take this class but I didn’t know that so when I wasn’t scheduled for it, I raised hell at the front office and they scheduled me for it. This meant that I had to move my gym class around and there, I met three girls who quickly became my best friends. Their entrance into my life has made ripples that I still feel. For example, I dated one of their exes it was a couple years later and she was okay with it :P who I never would have met otherwise. Because of him, I went to my current school and not the one a couple states away I got into. Another one broke my heart and ruined another friendship. The third set me onto the hair-dyeing route. Doesn’t seem like such a big thing but if I had always lived my life as a blonde, a lot of things would be very different.

Yeah, long explanation but the moral here, kiddies, is that the tiniest action, such as overlooking the requirements for a class, can change everything.

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Suicide of my best friend.

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Birth of my son & then daughter. Nothing comes close, changes everything….for the better :¬)

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Falling in love.

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When my father past away.

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The day I met my husband! The look my husband gave when I was giving birth to my first born. He had that amazed look with excitement! :D The day my father-in-law died….

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@YARNLADY: No – as that was the first of many instances where “family” acted in a horrible way. The concept of family has always been a double-edged sword for me.

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