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If the whole world were listening, what would you say?

Asked by vocalthoughts (370points) January 2nd, 2011

My trail of thought goes beyond me sometimes, but I find this an interesting question to ask..

My answer: Decline to advance.

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Stop breeding. There are too many of us.

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We are all here for such a little while. Why is there a need to squash others weaker than ourselves, we aren’t the richer for it.
Oh, and everyone send me a dollar. My address is….....

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Learn to dance together, and war will become impossible.

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Stop tolerating cruelty to animals. It reflects badly on us as an “advanced” species.

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“You should do this more, and talk less.”

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I’d revert to my New York roots and say, “What are you lookin’ at?”

Just because they’re listening doesn’t mean they’ll take my advice, after all.

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Why can’t we all just get along?

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Better answer: “Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive.”

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smile on your brother
everybody get together
try to love one another right now

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Where is my retainer guys?

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Everyone has to folow the golden rule except the S&M’ ers.

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Peace in the streets, muthafuckaaaas!

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Work hard as you can. Depend on yourself to get out of difficult situations. Pull your own weight. Be frugal, Plan and save for your retirement. Do not depend on or expect that the Federal government will help you in any way.

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Love is all you need.

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Currently, as I am trying to brighten my own mood, I would say/sing this:

“There was an old farmer
Who lived on a rock
He sat in the meadow
Just shaking his

Fist at some boys
Who were down by the crick
Their feet in the water
Their hands on their

Marbles and playthings
And at half past four
There came a young lady
She looked like a

Pretty young creature
She sat on the grass
She pulled up her dress
And she showed them her

Ruffles and laces
And white fluffy duck
She said she was learning
A new way to

Bring up her children
So they would not spit
While the boys in the barnyard
Were shoveling

Refuse and litter
From yesterday’s hunt
While the girl in the meadow
Was rubbing her

Eyes at the fellow
Down by the dock
He looked like a man
With a sizable

Home in the country
With a big fence out front
And if he asked her politely
She’d show him her

Little pet dog
Who was subject to fits
And maybe she’d let him
Grab hold of her

Small tender hand
With a movement so quick
And then she’d bend over
And suck on his

Candy, so tasty
Made of butterscotch
And then he’d spread whipped cream
All over her

Cookies that she had
Left out on her shelf
If you think this is dirty
You can go fuck yourself!”

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I think I would start doing Kareoki, and belt out Beseme Mucho

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At the moment: Stop using credit cards! This whole debt bullshit makes me sick, and the banks make me sicker.

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Spatulas make the world go round.

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If the whole world were llistening, what would I say?

I’d say everything I’ve said, and then some thing that I haven’t said yet.
But really, would someone like me be all that interesting to the whole wide world?
Probably not. So, I don’t have to worry about this. blushes

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Know that you are loved.

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Chill the fuck out and knock that off. Yes, that. No one wants you doing it and you’re ruining shit for the rest of us.

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Hmmm… well, the venue wasn’t specified, nor the reason why ‘the whole world’ would be listening to me. So to set the scene, I guess I’d be acting pretty happy about whatever it was that I had just won, and I’d have my index fingers pointing skyward, and I’d shout,

“I’m going to Disney World!” after the proper contracts had been signed, of course.

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LMAO @CyanoticWasp

Well, hell! If it’s a blank check, I’ll just remake the face of the entire planet! : D

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bake me cookies…


oh, and enough with the raping, pillaging, warring, greedy, killing thing.

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Nothing. I would enjoy the silence while hoping the stillness brings peace to all.

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Hope the Mayan calendar is right!!!!!!

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- Insert a fart sound here-

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play nice.

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BOO!!! or…..........It’s gittin hot in here, so take off all your clothes…... :¬)

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Either that, or I’d sing this song, and the world would just have to put up with my terrible voice.

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@Seelix Haha cool answer, makes me wanna change mine.


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That when I find out that you, a college student, have no idea what LOLCats is, and look at you like “really??” and say “how is that possible” and you say “I hang out with other people all the time” you do NOT get to accompany that with a look of smug superiority if it turns out that when you hang out with other people, all you do is get high and stare shopping channel. No.
Stoned+Shopping Channel ≯ Internet. You have been rejected.

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People of Oith, vote for me and nobody gets hoit! :-P

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Evangelize, maybe.

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remember jobs/companies/professions come and go (thanks to this recession!) so wake up1 pay attention and value those around you who love you no matter what is occuring in current events! lLife is too short to be isolated and miserable depending on bosses/co-workers who are worried about their own survival as we live paycheck-to-paycheck. Treat each other humanely and with fellow compassion for you do not know who your next “boss” will be!!! what goes around comes around!!

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