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Should I get the Samsung b5310 CorbyPro or the Samsung b3410?

Asked by omfgTALIjustIMDu (8432points) January 2nd, 2011

I need a new phone. I like simplicity, and am not interested in having the smartphone aspect (I’m getting an unlocked one, so I won’t have to pay for the data plan either way). All I need is a phone that has good audio quality and easy texting. They both seem to have good reviews, so I was hoping some jellies could share their first-hand experiences with either phone. They’re about the same price too, so that’s not so much of an issue to consider.

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Perhaps you can visit a local store to compare. What is one person’s acceptable audio, is another’s nightmare. Many times, clerks will have models for you to compare, up and running.

I’ve always had good luck with Samsung…but, I’m looking toward an I-something since I left mine in an airport!

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I haven’t ever had a Samsung phone, but I wanted to throw this out there:
If you like the idea of easy texting, you can’t go wrong with a Blackberry. I have a Curve and I love the qwerty keypad. When I got it, I was a total noob when it came to texting, and now I’m a pro because the keypad makes it foolproof.

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above is the site I often use to check out the reviews and it seems like corbypro has better rating (you should also check yourtube reviews!!!)
I don’t think there should be a big quality gap between those two….. but keyboard may have different layout or texture so you should check that out

if I were you I would rather buy unlocked Black Berry (either new or used)

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