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Why wont this batch script work?

Asked by XOIIO (18264points) January 3rd, 2011

I am making an alarm/timer script, and this line isn’t working.:

IF ’%TIME%’==‘0:18:05.20’ (GOTO yes) ELSE (GOTO LOOP)

It works when I put %DATE% in instead like this:

IF ’%DATE%’==‘03/01/2011’ (GOTO yes) ELSE (GOTO LOOP)

It quits really quickly with the first line, but i was able to see what is says, and it says

0:18:05.20 was unexpected at this time.

What’s going wrong?

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It sounds as though you aren’t running the “command” shell in interactive mode (by running “command” from the Run… dialog) which will enable you to see (and copy/paste) these error messages and assist in debugging in other ways. It’s a lot easier for folks to answer questions of this type if error messages are included verbatim without paraphrasing.

I don’t know scripting very well, so I have to guess… and my guess is that the %TIME% variable is picky about its format: try prepending a leading 0 like this:
‘00:18;05.20’ instead of ‘0:18:05.20’


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That might help, but for some reason it shows something like this.

01:12:56.45’ ’==‘00:18:05.20’ was not expected at this time.

When I put it in like this

IF ‘TIME’==‘02:57:00.00’ (GOTO yes) ELSE (GOTO LOOP)

is stays open and echoes waiting part of the script but when the time changed it didn’t help.

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I get the same error on both lines:

C:\USERS\MRITTY>IF ’%TIME%’==‘8:21:35’ (echo ‘Yes’) ELSE (echo ‘No’)
8:21:31.80’==‘8:21:35’ was unexpected at this time.

C:\USERS\MRITTY>IF ’%DATE%’==‘03/01/2011’ (echo ‘Yes’) ELSE (echo ‘No’)
01/03/2011’==‘03/01/2011’ was unexpected at this time.

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Note that if I change the single quotes to double quotes, it all works fine:

C:\Users\mritty>IF ”%TIME%”==“8:21:35” (echo Yes) ELSE (echo No)

C:\Users\mritty>IF ”%DATE%”==“03/01/2011” (echo Yes) ELSE (echo No)

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Someone on instructables my old home figured that out too, I’m not sure why, but it works.

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have you seen:

very comprehensive help available there ?

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