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Is there a way to cue youtube videos (or simply the audio) to play as a playlist?

Asked by rovdog (842points) January 3rd, 2011

Is there a program that can connect to youtube and play the videos in the order I select? Or something built into youtube?

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All you need to do is create an account on YouTube. You can do this easily if you already have a Google or Facebook account; it’s easy in any case. Then, underneath the video window, you’ll see a series of buttons labeled “Like,” ”+Add To,” “Share,” “Embed,” and “Flag.” Underneath the ”+Add To” button is a dropdown list that gives you precisely the options you desire, i.e., queue or add to playlist.

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If you just want them for one time, you can search for videos, then hover over the video thumbnail. A + will appear (with a downwards pointing arrow next to it, but that’s not interesting), click it. It will be the first video in your play queue. Search for more videos, add them, then click the first one in the queue. Note that you cannot add videos to a playlist you’re already watching.

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Thanks! I don’t really use a youtube account though I probably have one. Are there any third party apps that will play from youtube and give you even more control?

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@rovdog For my method you don’t need an account. What more control do you want?

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Use Dragontape

Dragontape is probably the easiest way to enjoy and share your favorite online videos and music without having to download them. Dragontape is a collaborative webservice that lets you create 3-hour mixtapes of your favorite YouTube videos. Online mixtapes are easy to use, simple to share with friends, and let you focus on having a good time watching videos.

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Hey! I made this: that allows you to really easily create and share playlists without logging in. It’s still pretty rudimentary but if it takes off I’ll make it look and play nicer ;)

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