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Can you get feedback and positive attention by being somewhat offensive?

Asked by rexpresso (920points) January 3rd, 2011

I post important stuff (don’t ask what, let’s just admit that I do) on my Facebook but nobody acts on them. Nobody comments. Nobody likes. Nobody joins the causes (i’m not a cause poster, I post specific selected causes I consider particularly important to my facebook friends too) ... now I’m tempted to try and going on the offensive to get some feedback. I read somewhere the other day that when you offend people somehow they look up to you more, instead of just considering you a banana. I would like to know your feedback about this, I really would like new information… thank you!

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If you offend me, I am likely to have less respect for you.
I usually ignore the causes that people post on facebook. I assume that those linked posts might be some viral thing that will infect my computer.
I don’t think that facebook is the place to necessarily promote a cause that you are serious about.

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If you offend people, you come off as jerk and people avoid you.

Keep in mind that everyone has their own causes. Just because you’re passionate about something doesn’t mean others will be, too.

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After you post the cause, make the first post underneath it explaining why it is important to you. You try try to get the ball rolling.

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When I find people offensive, I avoid spending time with them. Instead of trying to reign the troops in, it might be an idea to go after what you want yourself. If you’re passionate about these causes, get out and fight fro them instead of posting on facebook?

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Personally, I’d rather be a banana (whatever that means) than offend my friends and acquaintances.

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Ha, being offensive is called trolling. Trolls got a LOT of attention. I mean trolls drive me up the wall but I always respond to them and like the comments when they troll others. I used to troll but then I got trolled and quit. When I get really mad at someone then I will troll them. Some people find trolls hillarious, like me, only when I’m not the one being trolled.

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I’ll represent the other end of the equation. Yes, you can absolutely get some positive attention by offending people. In my far from humble opinion, when someone is offended it is more often an issue with them and their sensibilities than you and your statements.

If you’re goal is just to offend there is nothing positive that will come from it. If you are expressing an opinion that just happens to offend people you should never hesitate. I’d rather be a banana (whatever that means) than censor myself over the overblown sensibility of others.

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If you offend someone on purpose they will lose respect for you. Let me tell you, you don;t want to do this because they will never think of you in the same way again.You have the right to your opinions but should never try to force your beliefs and opinions on someone else if they don’t agree with you.

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The sort of people who respect others when they are offensive are generally not the sort of people who are worthy of any respect themselves. Yes there are some people who will look up to you more but when you find out what those people are like you might regret it. The people who are important to you will lose respect for you.

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Yes, I sarcastically agree with @downtide: You should never express any opinion that might offend anyone.

If you are offended by someone else, that is your problem, not theres.

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You get attention, but it’s negative attention. People don’t like you. But some people like that for some sadistic reason.

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