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Do your eyeballs grow as you do?

Asked by Acrazycouple (195points) April 9th, 2008 from iPhone
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No, eyes do not grow. You are born with your eyes at full size; you grow into your eyes.

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Is that for real? I’ve always thought that was a popular misconception.

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If you look at babies and then toddlers, you will see that usually their eyes are huge. My kids’ were. And as jaeger said, their faces caught up with their eyes.

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Eyes don’t grow neither does your brain or spinal cord.

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What? Your spine doesnt grow?

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@gooch: and that explains why delivering the head was such a memorable experience – altho worth it..

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@ fall your spine grows but not your spinal cord

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the brain grows, don’t it?

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Your eyes stay the same size throughout your life, but your ears and nose never stop growing!

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What about your adult teeth under the gumline and under the baby teeth… do they grow in size or start out that large in the skull?

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