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Did you ever try to fool your therapist?

Asked by wundayatta (58596points) January 3rd, 2011

I used to have this idea that I needed to be wily and hide the truth from my therapist. I know a lot of people are forced to see therapists of various kinds by court order in a variety of situations. I’ve heard that they try to get over on their therapists.

Did you ever try to fool your therapist or hide things from them? What did you want to hide? Why?

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No. But, I was never ordered to see a therapist, and I was never inpatient trying to get out.

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I had a therapist who I trusted, and worked well with, but my company no longer covered her practice.
So, instead, I went to my HMO’s therapist, dished out the same issues I had conquered a year before with my good therapist, and got a 3 month prescription for Paxil, which I needed for reasons other than what I gave the HMO therapist. I didn’t trust him, and couldn’t open up to him with the problems I was having.
I later paid completely out of pocket to see my good therapist.

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@filmfann I had not thought of that, lying or exaggerating for a drug. That makes sense to me. I can see that. I am not saying you wanted drugs like an addict, I totally get that you felt the Paxil would be helpful,/therapeutic.

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I have never had one to try to fool, but I imagine that a person put in a situation being forced might think it is to their advantage.
Very odd indeed as that therapist is there to help them…

C’est la vie

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I think one of the two most nonproductive actions one can engage in is lying to your shrink. The other is lying to yourself.

Probably at some point in time, I have done both, but I don’t make a habit of either.

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@rooeytoo are you telling the truth here?

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@blueiiznh – nope, well probably not, oh hell maybe, get out the sodium pentathol and we will check for sure!!!

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@rooeytoo ok, got it right here.
I shall be careful of the dosage I use.

muah ha ha link

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Yes but not intentionally, more out of habit. My first husband and I went to counseling because we couldn’t figure out why our relationship was changing and once in front of the therapists then we went into solidarity mode. Both of us had this need to “win” over others and that included the therapists who thought we were wonderful people and a great couple and they just couldn’t figure out what was wrong with us. In the end we took back our relationship into our own hands in order to save our long running friendship.

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