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Does anyone have any experience with a piercing effecting the energy or chi body?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350points) January 3rd, 2011

for example…(directed at those with experience surrounding acupressure, chi paths, dantien (specifiably third eye) etc)

has any one experienced after getting a piercing, any changes in the energy body or the way it flows

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I wondered about this because I heard that there are some important acupuncture points on the earlobes. However, I have not experienced anything after my ear piercing. Where are you thinking of getting pierced?

(by the way, the wording of the question took me a while before I figured out you were not asking for chi experiences with a “piercing effect”... i.e., sharp sudden pain; as opposed to effects on the chi body after a body piercing)

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i have guaged ears…and the pressure points of the area are stimulated positively when i go up in size

but i am thinking of getting a third eye surface piercing

but any how thanks for the question

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I have many piercings and I tend to not believe in any other of the things you mention.

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simone…if you have not interest in experience with or belief in what i am asking…then why did your ego feel it necessary to chime in

you are free to speak your opinion at all times of course

but i beseech you to delve deeper into your subconscious and find the reasoning

because your answer was completely superfluous


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@sunyata_rakshasa oh, you’re adorable…good try.

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if entertainment is all that i can provide and enlightenment is lost on you

then i am happy with the outcome

for the Wise Student Hears the Dao and Practices it Diligently

the Average Student Hears the Dao and Gives it Though t Now and Again

the Foolish Student Hears the Dao and Laughs Aloud

With out Laughter, the Dao would not be what it is


p.s. i don’t try i only do…i have no stake in the outcome there fore no need to try

i only speak and do from the place of no mind

much love sista

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@sunyata_rakshasa Aww…you know…there is a user on here named…damn it, I just forgot his name…I will try to find him later…he talks like you…except instead of new age, it’s all about truth/god…it’s fascinating how much you have in common in your way of talking…peace out.

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lol…..truth and god are fallacies….and so is what i speak of (which aligns more with Dao Zen than New Age)....but i enjoy me dream and teasing others about theirs….lol

thanks for being such a good sport

much love

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