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What happens when a woman miscarries at home?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) January 4th, 2011 from iPhone

And the baby is big enough to see? What do they do with the fetus?

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According to the Mayo Clinic:

“You may bring any tissue that is passed into your doctor’s office in a clean container. It’s unlikely that any testing would define a cause, but confirming the passage of placental tissue helps your doctor determine that your symptoms aren’t related to a tubal (ectopic) pregnancy.”

You’d probably want medical attention if this happens.

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I also wanted to mention that, in the vast, vast majority of cases, miscarriage happens so early that it’s like a heavy period, and there isn’t anything noticeable.

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When my cousin miscarried (I’m not sure how far along she was), it was like @crisw described – a heavy period with several large clots. But if this were to happen to me, I’d probably call an ambulance (or at least go to the emergency room) and the hospital would take care of it.

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[Warning: a little graphic] It did happen to me at between two and three months. It was like a sudden and very heavy period. When I realized what was happening I ran to the bathroom. I felt a lot of wetness and some thicker tissue pass, but I had always had world-grade heavy flow, so it wasn’t much more than that. There was nothing to see in the toilet but an awful lot of blood. It was pretty upsetting, but there was no “tiny baby” to deal with.

I did call the doctor right away, and I did go into his office the next day for a simple cleanup procedure to make sure there was no residual tissue.

When I was 14, my mother miscarried at a much later stage of pregnancy, and she had time to get to the hospital before she actually lost it. She said there was just a mass of thick clots on the floor of the hospital room—again. nothing distinct that she could see. Not that she especially wanted to.

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My cousin had multiple miscarriages, and she called an ambulance each time. The EMTs cleaned up whatever it was, and she felt as if her baby had died, time after time.

It was a very difficult 10 years before she had a viable baby, followed by two more. She now has three happy college kids.

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you’d better see a doctor.
Abortion is not a small thing, perhaps even threaten your life.

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“Abortion is not a small thing, perhaps even threaten your life.”

About half of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, usually before the woman is even aware that she is pregnant. It is very common, and while it may be emotionally devastating, it is not usually a major health issue.

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Years ago I had a similar experience as @Jeruba. I was about 2 months along. I went straight to the doctor afterwards. Very similar. (no tiny baby, just tissue and lots and lots of blood).

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