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Can I make a copy?

Asked by Bigtechdude (56points) April 9th, 2008 from iPhone

Xbox 360 game disk

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I’m not really sure. I’m guessing the copyright on those disks is quite fierce, so you’d probably need some really serious software to break it without hurting the disk. After that it would be simple enough to drag and copy data, but then you would have to be able to burn a disk in such a way that the xbox would recognize it (which i assume includes having some official encryption data, per say). Of course, that’s just my theory based on limited computer knowledge, so don’t quote me…

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Well I know that sometimes you can download Xbox 360 games from BitTorrent sites. I don’t think they work that well though. My point is, somehow that person had to get the data off the disk and put it on BitTorrent. I’m sure it’s very hard.

You might want to check out this

But first you’ll have to do hack your 360 firmware

Sounds like a lot of work but I hope this helps :)

Warning: it obviously voids the warranty

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