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Any ideas for what hair cut I should get?

Asked by mayratapia_ (368points) January 4th, 2011 from iPhone

I’ve stuck with the same haircuts for over years, now I’m wanting to explore other reasonable options. I now have shoulder length hair, type 3a curls, a larger than average forehead, and I rarely straighten my hair. I want to minimize the appearance of my forehead. Any ideas? Anything will help(: thanks.

EDIT: I know bangs will most likely be brought up, but I am not into the whole straight bangs &curly hair look.

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I agree with @noelleptc but I would go with bangs that are cut to frame your face, like a shoeshoe shape upside down, lightly fringed and just slightly below the eye brows. Straighten them like @noelleptc said and wear the rest curly. By leaving it slightly long on the sides you can pull your hair back and staighten the bangs just above your eyebrows and let the sides go curly, giving you a care free look and not so polished.
Or when you really want to look polished, french braid the rest and straighten your bangs.
With your face shape, full bangs will look really nice on you and make your eyes stand out even more.

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@Pandora, do you mind linking me to the bangs, please?

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If you really object to bangs, you could try some contrasting color streaks below your eye level to draw the focus down below your forehead. Kind of like this but I can’t find an exact picture. My friend has black hair and uses blond and dark purple color highlights down low on a chin length bob. It’s stunning.

You could try it out with temporary spray in colors.

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The Bangs I was thinking of are like the ones in this picture only a little longer and fuller, falling slightly over the eye brows. Almost like straight full bangs. Only angled like in this photo and fringed as they are in the photo. A few highlights will also brighten the look a bit. Especially if you leave the rest long and culy.
Highlights on curls make them look livelier.

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if you want to minimize the appearance of my forehead. I think bangs is required.
If you do not like straight bangs, you can choose oblique.

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