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Women's pants that fit right?

Asked by Rytt (527points) January 4th, 2011

I’m a petite girl who just found out that I’ve been wearing two sizes bigger than I should be. I apparently wear a six. The problem I’m finding is that while size 8 pants normally come in Petite, 6s generally only come in Average. And when they DO come in petite, they are still too long for me.

Does this happen to any of you? And if you are too short for petite pants in normal department stores, is there a place wear you can get pants that are geared more to shorts girls? I know Maurices have TALL pants. But that doesn’t really help :/

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Here are a couple of places that offer extra-petite pants for women.

Here’s a whole website: Jeans for Short People :D
Never mind – I looked at that second one and it seems pretty much useless.

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Have you checked out ZAFU

I only know if that site because I collect websites that could be useful to me such as right now

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Levi’s makes custom jeans, so I hear. And Levi’s are the besttt.
Joe’s jeans are also great for smaller people (I personally don’t like the way mine fit BUT most people do… they’re a little expensive but it’s always nice to have one pair of great jeans)

Also, you can get jeans altered – have them hemmed and pay the extra few dollars to have the bottoms put back on.

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You might also want to check out this blog I found. The blogger is under 5 feet, but she’s also teeny weeny (she wears a zero!) so it might not always be helpful for you, wearing a 6/8. But it might be worth a look.

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I have the same problem I found jeans at Pac Sun they are Laguna’s (short) they fit great and are comfortable.

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Awesome! Thanks, guys! I look forward to having pants that fit!!

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Learn to use a needle and thread. Only buy where the store offers alterations. Take them to an alteration store for a couple of dollars to be shortened.

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