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Is there any recent hip-hop that I'd like...?

Asked by andrew (16358points) April 9th, 2008

I love the laid-back beats of early hip-hop… think Pharcyde and Tribe Called Quest. Any similar-sounding groups that aren’t 10 years old?

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Mmm, I have to agree with that sound, but sadly don’t know any recent bands who do what I like. :[

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Buck 65
Sage Francis
DJ Format

And I really like The Streets.

I really suggest Sage Francis.

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The Cool Kids- Black Mags
The Cool Kids- 88

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Lupe Fiasco.

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I have to plug someone from my home town: Cadence Weapon he’s got a mix of beats but is very unique and a bit electro-influenced.

Adding to jownpowell’s list would be Sixtoo and his collab with Buck65, Sebutones – all very incestuous with Sage Francis et al. though he never got as renowned as Buck65. I suppose you could toss in Aesop Rock’s earlier stuff too.

Prefuse 73 has some great laid-back beats.

Finally, though considered “old” by today’s standards (though they’re not 85ers) would be Digable Planets and the album you want to check out is Blowout Comb.

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try little brother and blue scholars.

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You might wanna check out, it’s a great site to find new music on. Just type in a particular song/artist and it will find similar songs/artists based on beat, rhythm, vocals, genre, intrumentals, etc. etc.

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I personally think does a much better job than pandora

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And I should add The Roots.

Very smooth and clean vocals.

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yeah.. the roots. listen to “seed 2.0”

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I’m really fond of the album “Beauty and the Beat” by Edan. It’s really well done, funky and catchy as hell. I espcially like the track “Funky Voltron.” There’s a review for it someplace on Pitchfork.

Also, I think Jurassic Five is about as close as you’ll come for new sounds that have old school flavor. Start with the E.P. And work your way forward,

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In addition to the many great suggestions above…
Jay Electronica
Blu & Exile
Gnarls Barkley
Little Brother
Immortal Technique
and anything Prince Paul touches.

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Brother Ali
Zion I (different but amazing)

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