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How can you tell if you have a sinus infection?

Asked by tan235 (877points) January 4th, 2011

Hey Fluther cats,
so I asked a question yesterday about having a sore eye bone – just above the lid, today it’s worse and now I have a headache, yet I don’t have a stuffy nose.

Can you have a sinus infection and not have a stuffy or runny nose?

any thoughts?

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Only your doctor can tell you if you have an infection. And, if you do, it will require antibiotics to clear it up completely.
Green or yellow discharge from the nose is usually a pretty good indication that you have a sinus infection, however, you can have a sinus infection without a runny nose or any other symptoms by congestion. Best to just call the doc.

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I get sinus infections fairly regularly, and what you describe sounds like mine. I feel a bit like someone has poured concrete behind my face, but I don’t usually get nasal congestion. See the Doc, get some meds, and save yourself some suffering. Poor baby, feel better soon!

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Yes it could be a sinus infection. I had a sinus infection and I felt congested but when I blew my nose nothing came out and I got a sinus headache. Definitely check with your doctor though so he/she can give you antibiotics if necessary.

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Yes. I get them once a year or so and the infection is blocking the drainage waaay up in your sinuses.

Headache, especially between the eyes, nasty taste in your mouth, maybe sore throat from the back of the throat drainage and overall feeling achey and crappy.

Infact, I call them ” God, I feel like crap” must be a sinus infection! haha

I use Neilmed sinus rinse daily and drink lots of water.

This is disgusting to share, but, after a few days on anti-biotics ( I usually go for the Z-Pac or sometimes a Sulfa drug ) the ‘nest’ of the infection will start to break up and THEN, the nastiest junk will start being sniffed and coughed out. :-(

Left untreated sinus infections can penetrate the mucus membranes and cause a BRAIN infection.

It is also common to have stuffy ears & ear infections as well and, also, chest infections from the bacteria laden drip.

Do not wait too long to see your doctor, and…if you have any dizziness, disorientation, neurological symptoms go the the ER stat!

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Yes, it sure is. If you feel like your forehead bones and cheek bones are pushing outwards and all that @Coloma said, go get some antibiotics. I go to the doctor for this tomorrow. My right cheek bone feels like it’s trying to morph into the Hulk!

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@faye : I know, I’m always amazed (and relieved) that my face looks normal in the mirror.

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THanks for your help guys, I still have a tender head to touch and eye bone, but still no blockage, I’m going to the doctor tomorrow so will tell you what she says, just so there is some sort of closure on this weird tenderness issue. Sounds like song lyrics – the end part.

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My eyes feel horrible too, puffy, I call it lizard eyes. Ugh!

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