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I am fourteen and want to publish a book but I don't know where to go, or if a fourteen year old can even publish. Help?

Asked by ezamine (127points) January 4th, 2011

It’s hard to explain the type of book it is, it has most of the supernatural characters you can think of: vampires, witches, werewolves, nekos, and just random kinds of shapeshifters. However, the main character is human.

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Do you want to self-publish or publish by traditional methods?

If the latter, then you need an agent, which you get by writing a query letter.

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I’ve had great experiences self publishing with a service called Lulu (which @marinelife has linked to above). They are fast, good quality, and fairly inexpensive. You could also try CreateSpace (affiliated with Amazon) and get an ISBN number that you can use to sell on the Amazon marketplace.

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Marinelife has a good answer. I just wanted to add that you need to watch your spelling. When you said “I don’t know were…” Were is past tense “We were there.” The word you want is where. Spell check won’t pick up those small things. Just a suggestion to a future writer.

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You might want to watch this youtube video. It was posted on Facebook by a friend of mine who is a professional writer.

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Thanks, and yea I know I can’t really spell too well I’m working on that

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