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How do I make a lot and I mean a lot of money.

Asked by elvis (4points) January 4th, 2011

I want to buy an Ipad

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Get a job and start saving.

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You also will need to have a credit score and history for more than one year.
You will have to connect to a wireless service.

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Education or….

Drug lord
Murder for hire
forming a cult
astronaut ( read: education )

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@elvis You really shouldn’t have to worry about money Elvis. J/K.
Depending on your age, you will have to get a part time job and start saving. Also, hit up all your relatives for money for your birthday and other holidays.

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first, get a good job.
second, do your own business while working

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Come up with a good idea that people are willing to pay for, find a way to get the word out, and sit back and reap the rewards. Read the biographies of the very rich and see how they did it.

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It isn’t so much how much money you earn, it is how much money you keep. Be frugal and save and invest wisely and you will be in good shape when you retire and you’ll have a comfortable old age. I’m 60 years old now and this worked for me.

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There is no quick and easy way to make alot of money, it takes hard work, drive and perseverance, Even the ways you might think it’s easy to make alot of money fast there is major risk involved…that includes the stock market all the way down to drug dealing.

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ipads aren’t that expensive. I mean, they are, but it’s not such a huge amount of money that it is impossible. Look around for odd, short jobs like manual labor or a show that is passing through town that might need stage hands or something weird like that. This is how my brother has survived for the past 10 years and he is the happiest person I know. And it makes a lot of sense if you ask me. Cash cows!

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Back in the the day I could make 100 bucks a day on the weekend walking around asking if people needed their lawns mowed or their cars washed. That was 15 years ago. Lots of people said yes and after a bit a had repeat customers since a have always been anal while cleaning.

Low end iPad is 500. It might take a month if you live in a place with less population density than I had.

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There will almost certainly be a new iPad released in the next 4–5 months. You should start saving for that now, and then you can have the newest one when it comes out, instead of the older one.

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The old fashion way, work for it.

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