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How can I connect my own Bluetooth headset to my PS3 and play Black Ops?

Asked by rawrgrr (1559points) January 4th, 2011 from iPhone

I’ve managed to “successfully” connect my bluetooth headset to my ps3 but when I want to play cod it doesn’t work. Do I need an official Playstation Headset? Can’t I just use mine? Thanks!

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From what I understand, almost any bluetooth headset can be paired to a PS3, my friend was able to use a cell phone headset with his (though not ALL headsets can be paired, I’ve been told). Are you positive that you paired your headset?

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once you paired it you have to go to the audio device settings and change it to the head set and it should work.

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@ganti_x89 – Spot on! GA!

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to go to “Settings” on the ps3 main menu scroll down to the accessories and look for bluetooth devices setting. then it will pop two opinions to pair up. then its the same simple step as if u pair up with your cellphone. as soon as it picks up. u should check out the mic volume levels to see if your are speaking to it, you should be able to the the voice level moving.
then once you are paired up with your bluetooth. it should always be recognize on your system. so everytime u get on COD black ops. just turn on your bluetooth, then your all set and ready to chat.

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Sorry for the late reply but thanks for all your answers! @ganti_x89 ‘s answer worked! Thanks!

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same here sorry for late response haha and your welcome.
samething happen to me when i first started to use a headset haha.

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