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Why don't moobs cause back pain like boobs?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26879points) January 5th, 2011

Why is it ”moobs”, male breast, do not cause back pain? One of the reasons that women say they have for wearing bras is that they say their breast would cause them back pain if not supported, which makes me wonder of those women small enough not to have any hand but still wear them. Going off that logic there are many, many men who should be wearing a ”brobra” or something for support because they have moobs way larger than many women’s boobs; which should create pain in the back. Either men are not complaining about the aching back their mobs are giving them or men have superior back muscles or core over women that allows them not to need support?

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The real reason the itty bitty titty club wears them are because 1. They offer a little padding, and pull what little they have into all the right places, and 2. They keep you from showing to much when it gets cold.
Only the very well endowed wear a bra for back pain, and it needs to be a very well fitted one to do any good.

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Boobs usually don’t cause women back problems unless they are above a C cup. This would mean that the moob guy must have some serious tig bitties to have back problems stemmed from his breast size. I’d suggest a brobra would be a good investment for such a man.

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Im sure bigger moobs can cause back problems. Ever see a man with huge moobs sit up straight? Maybe they don’t complain as much because it is embarassing.

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Also, why do obese men(who have tried to lose weight, but failed)not qualify for the same medical benefits as women with big breasts? i have always thought this was discrimination as far as medical coverage is concerned.

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Men can get fatty tissue, but they don’t develop D cups.

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They do. And for that, we have the manssiere bro.

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I always figured it was because females just have the “extra” fat on the front of their bodies while men obese enough to have “moobs” also have fat on their backs and thus are balanced. Also, if a man is that overweight indeed, if anyone is that overweight they are going to have a number of bone and muscle issues regardless of where the most fat is.

@john65pennington: Because breasts are not just fat. Many issues such as breast cancer that have to do with breasts do not affect fat tissue, they affect breast tissue. This is why most breast cancer patients are female and only a handful are male. If this was an issue that affected fat tissue instead of breast tissue, then people would get breast cancer in their thighs and stomachs instead of in their you guessed it breasts.

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Most males have wider backs and shoulders to countebalance, they also usually have more muscled backs and abs to support against whatever moobage. Few males have the frame of a size 4 female carrying D+ cups.

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@Judi They keep you from showing to much when it gets cold. That would kind of suggest they are concerned with having ”bullets” showing, which is another issue all together. Which makes one wonder is the nipple that evil that even to detect them covered up is bad?

@Deja_vu Ever see a man with huge moobs sit up straight? Maybe they don’t complain as much because it is embarassing.
Is it plausible that their big beer gut that causes them not to be able to sit or stand straight? I have seen obese have to do that as well, even when the weight didn’t add to the boobs as it did to the gut and hips. I also seen some young women who were not over weight just blessed quite ample in the chest area not walking with a backwards lean.

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@Hypocrisy_Central ; I don’t think it’s bad, I just prefer men look at my face when speaking to me. It is obvious when the girls are to obnoxious because men stop looking me in the eye.

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@Judi What about cleavage? No “bullets” showing but many mens eyes would still be popping and they will still be talking to the chest.

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Then they get attention on MY terms.

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