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When is the next PlayStation coming out?

Asked by FrBrown (89points) January 5th, 2011

The PS3 has been out a long time now, I think. Is it worth buying one now, or waiting until a newer platform comes along?

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I was hearing about the PS3 years before it was released. Same for every other console. I haven’t heard anything about new ones yet.

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The PS4 ain’t coming for quite a while still. The PS3 is still going strong, and quite worth it for yet a few years.

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The PS3 and Xbox 360 are probably going to be around for quite some time. So get yourself a system and start enjoying! :D

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Sony still aren’t making monet from the last one so its going to be a couple of years at least before they think about the next one.

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@Lightlyseared They’re not?

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New systems won’t be coming out for some time. With the way the new consoles are hooked up to the internet, they can easily update them, which is a lot cheaper than coming out with new hardware. Not to mention, they’ve all added movement based gaming to their repertoire.

A little over a year ago Playstation released the PS3 slim. It’s more affordable than the $600 price tag of the first model PS3s. Also, Xbox released the “new” 360. Today’s consoles aren’t like the ones of the 80’s and 90’s. They’re going to be hanging around quite a bit longer.

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i think you should be able to tell by the price of the systems. when the latest biggest one comes out for about $200 (i think they are really just charging by the amount of gigs now and last i checked it was at 500 gigs or something) and no more systems are being made than we’ll start hearing that its because they’re working on the new ps4.

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From what I have read, Sony and Microsoft claim that the current consoles are atleast 10-year consoles. They say the current systems are quite advanced and don’t really need any replacement. I don’t remember the exact year when they both came out but there is definetley a while to go before the next ones. That being said, PS3 is def a good buy. It plays blu-ray in 3D now! and you can surf the internet!

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