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If you could be any other organism for just one day, what would you choose?

Asked by Arbornaut (2581points) January 5th, 2011

Just out of interest, iv said organism but animals are the likely answers. So if you had a day to spend as any animal what would you choose? Eagle? Tip rat? Lion? Sea gull? Do tell!

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I would be a bird and fly all over.

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Most definitely a bird. More specifically, an Eagle.

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Oh for me it would have to be a giraffe. Such tall and elegant animals

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I’d have to say Thomson’s gazelle.Yep,that’s it

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A Cheetah…Cheetahs love gazelles for breakfast! ;)

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@Cruiser Gazelles are better at golf XD

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@lucillelucillelucille Perhaps, but Gazelles hit way too many shots in the woods and that could be hazardous to their health! ;)

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

@Cruiser Crunchy Cheetahs taste the best.XD

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@lucillelucillelucille Nahh…bent grass fed Gazelle is to die for….yum! Keep grazing on the back nine there prime cut!

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<======= You have to ask??

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I’ll go with the first poster. But I’d choose the eagle. Not only can you fly, but with superior vision you get to look around as well :)

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@noelleptc not a worry in the world eh?

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@Cruiser I’ll bend your grass and KYA! XD

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The first thing I thought of when I read this question was, if it was just for a day, a plant of some sort. I am curious to know whether plants have any feelings/awareness at all. For the sake of having fun for a day I would like to be a bird of prayer, a big cat or a wolf.

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Dung beetle. I mean, the shit they pull. That’s the third time i’ve aired that joke & you know what? I don’t care! :¬)

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Hmmm…It’s a toss up between a bird that can fly, and, well, laugh if you will I have always had a fascination for Moles and Gophers and subterranian life. lol

Or..maybe a Mountain Lion, jump out on the trail and scare the piss out of some one, like happened to me a few years ago.

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A cat, a spoiled rotten house cat, so my human can wait on me hand and foot all day, while I lick myself and nap where I want when I want… Oh what a life that would be.

Coloma's avatar


LOL Yeah, I have been calling my two cats, ‘professional sleepers’, whatta a great job! haha

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Dolphin or bird.

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@Coloma My little princess is also a pro at sleeping, I envy her lifestyle! She has us all wrapped around her little paw.

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Definitely a bird; a hawk of some kind.

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A well loved cat, like my spoiled baby.

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Ideally, I would like to be something that thinks and feels so I can remember the experience, but I think I would take my chances with being a beautiful old tree.

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Hey cool answers guys, thanks. Personally iv always wanted to have a go at flying so i thought an eagle would be awesome, but id also love to be an ancient fig tree somewhere in the jungle.

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I think it is ‘Gerbera’ Daisy, maybe you are thinking of the Gerber BABY! haha

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I would be a snake….

Coloma's avatar

I liked to be a cat for a few minutes to experience the never ending excitement of chasing the laser pointer.

Coloma’s salivating cats, one click and they’re on.

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I would start the day as a bird and fly around, then be a whale and swim around, then be a kitty and sleep off the flying and swimming in the sun, and get my belly rubbed.

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I’d wanna be a dog, with a loving owner. I mean… Can you imagine how fucking happy life would be?

“Ohmygod a tree, it’s so pretty! I think I’ll pee here! A ball! Throw it for me! This cat shit smells so awesome I’m gonna roll in it! My owner! I love it! Petmescratchmybuttnowletmeslobberonyourface!”

Such genuine happiness.

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An E – Coli bacterium!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Step away from my salad!

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I would want to be a panther or a leapord.

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