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Ever discover that you were actually quite talented at something later in life?

Asked by Jude (32112points) January 5th, 2011

For me, it was painting.

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For me,it’s wrestling.Who knew?? ;)

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and for me…interior design :)

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Oddly, learning Latin. I haven’t pursued it yet, but a few years ago, I was stunned to find how easy it was for me. That is why I joke about the voices in my head teaching me latin.

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@filmfann It’s dead, dead, who would you talk to but other people that persue it???

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Yeah I’m an awesome Dad! “Isn’t that right kids….do you want to keep those xmas presents or not” ;¬}

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I have the same sucky level of talent I’ve always had.:(

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How late is late? haha

I discovered that I am much more talented than I was ever aware when it comes to financial management and savvy investing.

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I’m still looking.

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I found out within the past 2 years that I am naturally talented at freestyle motocross and any other sport I do(: Also the guitar! I wish I would have started when I was younger!

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I try to learn a new talent every year. Last year I found out I was pretty darned good at riding a unicycle. Haven’t decided on a new talent to learn this year, though.

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@Deja_vu – People don’t learn Latin to speak it. You can’t really speak Latin properly, anyway, since no one knows for certain how things were pronounced and inflected. You can read and write it correctly, but speaking? Nope.
I loved learning Latin. It helps a ton when you’re studying a romance language, or if you’re interested in linguistics. Having a basic knowledge of Latin grammar has helped me to no end.

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Cake Decorating

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For me, public speaking.

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I was nearly 30 before I found out there was a profession for people like me. That’s when I started working as a freelance copyeditor. Since then I’ve been a copyeditor and later a manuscript editor of many books. I knew that I had this sort of talent, but back then I didn’t know that it was a something that people actually did professionally.

Many people have talents that don’t map to some specific subject or class in school and come out thinking they’re not good at anything. I wish teachers would explain that to kids early on: “You should be aware that the division of human knowledge into disciplines is very arbitrary to make teaching easier. In reality there is a huge amount of overlap. And only a small portion of basic learning in basic areas is covered in school. So don’t worry if your special strengths don’t match up to some school subject in the early grades. You might be a lot older before you find out where your best talents lie. Follow your interests and try to stay open to everything. Every door you close narrows your possibilities.”

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Teaching literature

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Digital art.

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@Jeruba what you said is so true. I’ve witnessed it many times in my life with people I’ve gotten to know.

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Legal matters and engineering.

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Not yet :( Maybe a few more years and more experiences will have me stumble upon something cool.

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Writing and knitting.

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