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Have you ever met a celebrity? Do you have a photo you'd like to share?

Asked by Seelix (14884points) January 5th, 2011

Who have you met that’s famous? Actors, musicians, athletes, authors… Anyone. Were you starstruck or were you able to keep your cool?

Bonus points if you can provide us with a photo! (Edit yourself out if you like – no biggie there!)

I’m a big nerd who’s been going to FanExpo for the past few years, so I’ve met a few cool people. I’ll post pictures and stuff when I can find them on my computer.

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I’ve ridden in elevators and said hello to Tony Randall and Bella Abzug in Albany, Joan Jett and two of her band members at West Point, had lunch with Davy Jones (the race car driver not the Monkey) and a few others, but no pics. That’s the best I got.

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Archie Manning (Father of Peyton and Eli Manning) is a friend of mine. About it….

Oh, Ron Franklin, an announcer for ESPN, fired yesterday for sexiest remark in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl was my neighbor and classmate.

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I met “Neon” Deion Sanders one year when the Super Bowl was in San Diego, I guess he was an announcer at that point. He gave me a hug and said ” Hey baby, God bless you”. No picture with him though. Around the same time I shook hands with Cedric the Entertainer, that was pretty cool! Yet again no pictures though. :((

Oh and Mario Lopez went to school with my sister, so I saw a lot of him growing up. He’s a big time jerk, or at least was then.

Once when I was a little younger I rode in an elevator with Betty Broderick, in a San Diego court house while she was on trial for the murder of her husband and his lover. That was pretty cool.

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The most famous person I’ve ever met is Prince. He was a total jerk.
I also grew up with Billy Martin (from Good Charlotte- he was one of my very close friends- dated one of my best friends) and Christian Siriano (brother of another of my best friends). Both of them are very nice guys.

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I met & kissed Princess Diana. My Mum has the photographic evidence buried in a mountain of albums somewhere.

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@ucme wow… that is cool stuff.

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@BoBo1946 Yeah she opened some factory in my hometown & I kind of tagged along. I kissed her hand, i’d have been 14/15. She was a stunningly beautiful woman, saw my chance, took it. She smiled & moved on….

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@ucme That is awesome! So lucky!

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I have spoken to and been spoken to by; Johnny Depp, Sean Penn, Viggo Mortensen, Dakota Fanning, Helena Bonham Carter, Tim Burton, and Orlando Bloom. I have seen some others, but not had any interaction with them.
Oh and I ran smack into Jake Gyllenhaal as he was coming out of a restroom. That was embarrassing.

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@JustJessica I believe I was, although my Mum did tell me off on the way home. Told me it was typical of me to show off like that XD

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Jon Bon Jovi walked within inches of me. Looked straight at me and smiled, then stood on the wall in front of me and sang a song with his ass in my face. I have pictures of him walking toward me, looking at me, and of his butt. I don’t think that is actually meeting him, though.

@JustJessica I am so disappointed to hear that about Mario Lopez. He is my daughter’s first crush from that pet show he hosted. She insists his name is Mario Lowpegs.

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I occasionally work atn upscale toy store on 5th avenue. I’ve met a long list of celebrities there and played with them or their kids. Partial list:

John Stewart, Mick Jagger, Russell Crowe, Liv Tyler, Judd Apatow, Hilary Swank, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Damon, Martha Stewart, Carmello Anothony…

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When I was in my teens and 20s, I would make a point of shaking hands with musicians at concerts I attended. I don’t know why except I thought it would be cool when I got older to say I shook hands with so-and-so.
So, just because I think it’s cool…I’ve shook hands (and usually got hugged and kissed) by Muddy Waters, Eric Clapton, Edgar Winters, Charlie Daniels, Willie Nelson, Steven Tyler, Greg Allman, members of Alabama, Don Williams, Merle Haggard, Hazel Dickens, Alice Gerrard and Doug Kershaw.

Also, not musicians but “famous” people I’ve met include Steve McNair (former Tennessee Titans’ quarterback), George W. and George H. Bush, Jimmy Carter, General Henry Shelton, Senator Robert Byrd and many other US and state senators and congressmen, numerous governors of various states, authors Sharon Randall and Lee Smith and eight of the nine coal miners who survived the Quecreek Mine accident in Somerset Co., PA.

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I met Prince Charles and Princess Diane when they visited the university where I worked.
I was using my video camera when she slowly walked along the row of people waiting to see her. I had a choice – either stop videoing or shake her hand – I chose to continue using my camera and have kept this as a treasured piece of film. I do wish I had touched her though
Such a tall and elegant lady with a lovely smile.

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@wilma Johnny Depp- swoon!

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I’ve met most of the cast of the original Star Wars trilogy, I’ve met Robert Englund and the first guy that played Michael Myers. I’ve also met George Romero, Tom Savini, the girl who does the voice of all the female South Park characters (she’s actually quite beautiful), and the guy who played Jaws in the James Bond movies. I have a picture of him squeezing my face in his massive hands, but sadly, I can’t find it.

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Only a couple, and no photos. I met Robert Guillaume when I was in college after a speech he gave for Black History Month.

A couple of weeks ago I met British chef Gordon Ramsey. My husband did artwork for a restaurant featured on his Kitchen Nightmares show and we got to eat dinner at the restaurant on their grand reopening. We talked to the chef a couple of times when he came to our table to see how we liked the food. That was a lot of fun! No picture of that, but maybe we’ll be on TV when he show airs!

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@noelleptc – If you want to post a picture, you can do it super easily at You don’t have to sign up or anything.

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@Seelix By meet do we have to talk with them or just a nod and just being around them?

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I don’t have any photos but I’ve been to a lot of science fiction conventions so I’ve met quite a few people. Bruce Boxleitner (from Babylon 5 and Tron). Stephen Furst (also from Babylon 5). Renee Auberjonois (Star Trek DS9). Andy Serkis (LOTR). David McCallum (now known for NCIS but in the 60s was well known for The Man from UNCLE). Plus lots more that you all probably wouldn’t have heard of.

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I have met several celebrities, by far the highlight was meeting Ron Eldard after one of his Broadway performances of Doubt. It was an awesome experience, I had the chance to speak a bit to him (I gushed and was horrified afterward), he gave me a hug and posed for a couple of pictures. Unfortunately they were on a computer that long since died and I did not have back-up. I can still picture that photo and it makes me smile!

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I met a few professional hockey players.I don’t remember their names.XD

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I met Jonothan Frakes at a Star Wars convention and Marina Sirtis said my daughters have beautiful eyes.

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I have met quite a number of stars. The last one was Robin Williams. When I talked to him, I definitly gushed.

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Okay, here goes. I have pictures of myself with: Edward James Olmos, Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol from Battlestar Galactica), Tahmoh Penikett (Helo from Battlestar), Ryan Smyth (currently of the LA Kings), and Dwayne Roloson (currently of the Tampa Bay Lightning).

I’ve taken pictures of Brent Spiner, Henry Winkler, Leonard Nimoy, Beau Bridges, Mary McDonnell, Avery Brooks, Walter Koenig, Billy Dee Williams, Linda Hamilton, James Kyson Lee (Ando from Heroes), The Soup Nazi from Seinfeld, Michael Dorn (Worfin’ around!), Lou Ferrigno, and Felicia Day.

Whew. I’ve also met NHL players Brian Savage and Todd Bertuzzi (both are from my hometown).

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@Adirondackwannabe – Whatever. I posted some pictures of people I’ve actually met, and a bunch of people I’ve just seen close-up but not spoken to.

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I met Eddy Murphy once and he asked out my girlfriend right in front of me not once but twice. There is a picture of me flipping him off somewhere packed away! XD

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I have a picture of my wife with Dave Matthews, but I cannot post pictures here. If you really want to see it, pm me.

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@Seelix it looks like you’re a convention fan too. :)

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Through work I’ve met/spoke with….(met)The Trailer Park boys(the main three) (spoke with)Britney Spears, (met)Pamela Anderson, (spoke with)Dr Dre, (spoke with)Snoop dog…

Personally met outside of work: Eminem, Milla Jovovich, Nicolas Cage

No pics, no autographs

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I’ve met lots of musicians and have a few pics, somewhere ;)

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I met David Filo at a Yahoo Answers award ceremony. I asked the number 75th richest man in the country, number 230th richest man in the world to fix my Yahoo e-mail account, and everyone there was astonished. It was fixed within two days after the party.

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@downtide – You know it!

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I met Catherine Tate at Heathrow after a bad flight from NY. I plucked up the courage to ask for a pic, gave my phone to my other half to take a pic. he press the wrong button. after thanking Catherine and revelling in her celebness I realised no pic was taken afterall and we didnt speak for the whole journey home! haha more important things to be stressed about!

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I met Lenny Kravitz in the bahamas while staying at a very exclusive resort. He did take a picture with me, and I still have it. He was in a hurry but was VERY nice. After I took the picture, I kept running into him at the pool and then the casino. I think he waved at me to “keep me at bay” afterwards. :)

Also, I used to date Jon Secada’s drummer god that goes back 16 years and got to hang out with him and once sat near Madonna while she watched the band practice.

I also was invited to an exclusive party for Pearl Jam in 1997 in West Palm Beach. We weren’t allowed to take pics, but hanging out and dancing with the rhythm guitarist (Stone) and bassist (Jeff) was the highlight of the evening. They were really cool. At the time they were my favorite band. After meeting Sir Eddie Vedder in a very subdued environment (i.e., no screaming, no fawning over him, no real direct eye contact) they quickly dropped off my list. He was THE BIGGEST DICK EVER. I can’t even bring myself to put their music on my iPod.

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@noelleptc – Huh. Oh well, no biggie – I believe you :)

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I’ve had the (sometimes dubious) honour of working with a lot of famous people. I have photographs of them (but not of me with them) but am contractually bound from releasing them anywhere.

I’ve always played it cool at work. They just want to be treated like normal human beings, which isn’t really facilitated by people standing around gawking at them or asking for photographs/ autographs. I have a bunch of (mostly) really great memories from those jobs with those people by the simple expedient of treating them no different than I’d treat any other colleague.

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I once gave Mark Little (Joe Mangel from Neighbours) some poppers in a club. We didn’t exchange a single word, though he did grunt his appreciation as he handed the bottle back.

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