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If I do pushups, pullups, and squats (bodyweight only), will I build ANY muscle at all?

Asked by tekkiefreek (12points) January 5th, 2011

I’m really skinny (5’8, 135 lbs) and sort of flabby (I have pretty much no muscles). I am not trying to get huge by any means. I just want to build enough muscle to not look so scrawny anymore. I just want to look a little bit bigger.

If I do the aforementioned bodyweight exercises, while keeping on a steady, healthy, high-protein diet, will I build ANY muscle at all? I completely understand that lifting weights is faster and more effective, but I do not have access to a gym nor can I afford a private one. So will I get any bigger at all from doing exercises like pushups? Even just a little tiny bit?

(I understand that at a certain point, I will stop building muscle from bodyweight exercises and it will become endurance training no matter how many pushups/squats I can do. I am okay with that, as long as I build a little bit of muscle mass and can maintain it this way.)

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