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What would be a bizarre/weird TV show you maybe watched as a kid?

Asked by ucme (50031points) January 5th, 2011

One which when asked to recall you remember with perhaps a mixture of feelings. Maybe you liked the show but at the same time were kind of freaked out by it’s content. Or one which you watched only the one time because it was so poor or weird. For me there are several examples which I won’t divulge just yet. Wait & see if they come up here from a different source.

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Ren and Stimpy, fo sho’.

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The thing with Vincent Price reminds me of this madhouse… Ren & Stimpy was some seriously sick shit.

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Kids in my neighborhood used to run home to catch the next episode of Dark Shadows. My siblings watched, but it scared me. I would go outside or to my room and read. It was about vampires and supernatural creatures.

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Ulysses 3000. It always made me a little sad.

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@erichw1504 Wow, that sounds like a riot in a brothel. Certainly a bizarre title anyway.

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Tales From the Darkside, DEFINITELY! : ))

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There was this public access show that was a rip-off of Power Rangers called Big Bad Beetle Borgs. I can’t really remember it, but the bits that I do are absolutely ridiculous. Like their mentor guy was some ghost man that lived in a haunted house and there were werewolves or something…like I said, my memory of it is not that great.

I also loved the first season of Power Rangers (which was super cheesy, but I didn’t know that at the time) and then sometimes I’d watch daytime television…There was this show like Montel called “Forgive or Forget?” where someone would confess to something horrible they did to someone they cared about. Then there was this door that the victim would stand behind if they forgave the person…I remember that there was a lot of crying on that show. I told my Mom about it and she has no memory of that show or letting me watch it. Very strange.

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Mr. Wizard.

I mean, I guess it wasn’t that weird… But I thought it was at the time.

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Kick Start
Prisoner Cell Block H

I’ll have to have a think about some more.

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Movie Macabre with Elvira.

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I would say “The Twilight Zone” except I didn’t watch it. A, we didn’t have a TV and B, it would have been too scary to watch anyway.

I did watch a few episodes of “Dark Shadows” at my grandparents house. Obviously they did have a TV, hidden away in a closet in the guest bedroom. I don’t remember much about it, though, other than it had vampires, and I’m not even sure about that. It was somewhat bizarre in that it was a soap opera that was kid friendly. That’s about it.

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Rocko’s Modern Life always made me feel uncomfortable and I was always grossed out by Ren and Stimpy. Ahh! Real Monsters! was also weird. When we lived overseas in Taiwan I remember watching Jem from the 80’s even though I was wathcing it in the 90’s. Not entirely appropriate for kids, I remember watching it before school in the mornings because it was the only thing in English and I distinctly remember an episode about drugs. I also used to watch something called The Genie Family in English, but Achoo Ailunga in Mandarin. It was a spin-off of 1001 Nights, whenever someone sneezed the genie came out of the bottle. Another 80’s show I watched in the 90’s as a kid was Small Wonder about this weird robot kid. The first season was released on DVD about a year ago and I have it. I actually really like it, but it’s weird nonetheless. Oh, and I used to watch some Chinese cartoon about these sextuplets that gained powers from their gourd necklaces. Not even kidding. It was apparently called Huluwa or The Gourd Brothers. Good times.

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How about “My Mother the Car”? or “Open All Night”?

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when I was about 11 or 12, a local independent station ran “And God Created Woman” with Brigitte Bardot. It was way over my head, but I couldn’t pull my self away from it.

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I used to watch Colonel Bleep! with the two Space Cadets, Squeak and Scratch.
He was from the planet Futura and was on assignment on Earth, living on Zero Zero Island at 0 latitude, 0 Longitude off the coast of Africa.

Clearly the writer was experimenting with some form of hallucinogen while on the job.

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What @Mat74UK said plus…

Jamie And The Magic Torch.
Ivor The Engine.
Willo the Wisp.
The Red Hand Gang.

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The Banana Splits I was very young and they kind of freaked me out. Not scary, just too surreal.

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When I was a kid, it was The Twilight Zone. I was never freaked out by it, but definitely weirded out a time or two or more.

The one that blew me away was the live broadcast of Oedipus the King (in those days of live television), starring Christopher Plummer, on the 1950s series Omnibus. The scene where he’s torn out his eyes to atone for his dreadful crime was the most horrifying thing I had ever seen. I saw it only that once, and the image still haunts me.

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Seriously, this show was wonderful. Most characters done by Canadian Billy Van.

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Dr Who started after I was an adult, but I remember the early episodes as being very weird.

As a child, I was frightened by The Wizard of Oz movie on TV. I loved the old Buck Rogers, One Step Beyond, Twilight Zone, Flash Gordon, Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

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I loved stuff like “The Twilight Zone”, Rod Sterling’s “Night Gallery”, “The Outer Limits” (original B/W series not the cheeseball remakes). I remember a genuinely scary film called The Legend of Hell House: (which I only wanted to see because I loved Roddy MacDowell) really scaring all hell out of me as a kid.

There was a very silly programme which even though I knew it was too cheesy for words I loved called Rentaghost and a far less cheesy but equally great wee series called The Ghosts of Motley Hall which I refused to miss for anything lol. Is anyone else old enough to remember The Pheonix and the Carpet? Just brilliant.

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Shocker!!!! I mis-spelt the great Mr Serling’s name <smacks self> damned typos!!
sorry honeys xx

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@bunnygrl I remember Rentaghost and the Phoenix and the Carpet.

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@downtide really?? I’ve spoken to people who remember rentaghost but whenever I mention the phoenix and the carpet I usually get blank looks lol
hugs xx

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@bunnygrl – Rentaghost yeah with Audrey Roberts “Aitchoo” but Phoenix and the Carpet nope blank look

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The Monkees! It was really dumb. Davy Jones was a doll! :)

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@Mat74UK I sooooooooo wish that someone would release The Pheonix and the Carpet on dvd just so I can keep it always, it has such a special place in my childhood memories. It’s actually on you tube, and I know it will look very dated to modern eyes, but even now it just charms the socks off me. Just absolutely wonderful :-)

@Skaggfacemutt yyaaaaaaayyy the monkees! :-)

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