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Does anyone know what falls under the other catagory on iPhone?

Asked by Adina1968 (2747points) April 9th, 2008

I have been having all kinds of goofy things going on with my iPhone lately…Today the other catagory increased by 75% and I don’t know why or what changed ???

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When you sync your iPhone there is an orange catagory under available space that called “other”. I am wondering what type of things fall under this catagory. It is not video,photos,or music. I am wondering what is in this catagory that is taking up all my space on my phone.

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Calender? E-mail?

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I had this same problem. I couldnt figure out what it was or where it was coming from. Delirium’s right as far as what other stands for. It also includes settings, cache and history, and texts. There was no way I was using 4 point something gig of other! If your in the same boat:
1) don’t panic. I’m here to save the day.
2) hook up your iPhone and click restore. It’ll ask you to back everything up, do that for sure so you don’t loose contacts and whatnot. You will loose music, but that’s it. Hopefully you got your music from your iTunes, if so its no big deal. After all that, you should be good to go. Hope this helps. Let me know if it works.

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As delirium said, plus Safari bookmarks and cache, webclips, contacts, notes, etc.

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it’s also where the os is too. When you upgrade, it increases.

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did you add more icons to your home screen? Or add more favorites?

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