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Any trouble with coke-snorting mice in your neighborhood?

Asked by ETpro (34428points) January 5th, 2011

If so, a new vaccine developed by Cornell Medical College in New York City could help them. The hope is it might also help the millions of humans addicted to cocaine, heroin, opiates and even nicotine.

What say you? Good news for mice, but humans ought to tough it out. Or could this be a savior for millions of people currently addicted to drugs?

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Fantastic, finally some help for these poor little guys that are always smoking crack behind the pantry. Cheers

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Ours seem to have more of a marijuana problem… they sure seem to have the munchies something fierce.

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The thing is yes it could discourage them from abusing these substances, BUT, especially those who are already addicts, they may attempt to intake a whole bunch in one go and end up killing themselves trying to get that high one more time.

I think it would be better if we just removed the problem instead of making a vaccine (not a cure) for it.

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So I should start smoking mice? This might put a damper on tonights party.

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I saw one with a needle in his arm the other day. Not sure, but I’m guessing heroine.

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The mice in my neighborhood don’t do drugs. In fact, they don’t do much of anything. They are dispatched and sent to a higher plane as soon as they are discovered.

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Boy, do I ever! They’ve gotten so out of hand that they’ve resorted to stealing cash from my wallet to support their habit. And I don’t think they’re just addicted to the coke either; I recently noticed that all my oregano is missing…

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Wait, is this a joke or are you suggesting that animal models aren’t scientifically useful?

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@Arbornaut, @MissAnthrope, @chyna & @WillWorkForChocolate You guys! Sometimes you’re worse than the crackhead mice. :-)

@Winters How would remove the problem of illegal drugs?

@Axemusica Hey, if you are desperate enough, far be it from me to get in your way. :-)

@nikipedia The article is quite serious. The headline is not. That’s how the news piece was headlined, and I couldn’t resist having some fun with it even though the subject of human addiction is deadly serious.

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@ETpro How the hell would I know now? I’m only a 19 year old kid, it’s still my turn to learn from the older generations actions and decisions. The vaccine is progress in the right direction, but we can’t relax with just a vaccination, and by the time I’m considered to be the older generation and if there still hasn’t been a solid solution, then it’ll be my generations job to work towards that. But if we take a 180, I wouldn’t really care. I do what I want and since I dislike drugs, I’m willing to fight against them.

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@Winters Gah! I hope you don’t follow our lead. Look at what a monumental mess we have made of the world and learn.

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@ETpro and if I say no? lol we’ll see what can be done or we’ll see nature rear its ugly head.

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@Winters I am afraid so, my young friend. I’m old enough to not have much left to worry about except my kids and grandchildren. Fare thee well.

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This is great news and I’m sure pharma companies are excited to market it to people who got hooked on all the crap they got prescribed and liked way too much in the first place. Doctors can experience some guilt relief about their addict patients without experiencing a great loss to their bookings. Insurance companies will get business all the way around, great.

If I sound very angry and bitter, it’s because I am. As an adult, in the last decade then I’ve met more pharma addicts than I ever imagined possible. Addiction has touched my life like I never suspected. The drugs of choice all around me aren’t street drugs, they’re prescriptions people abuse, re sell or buy illegallly. I am sad to say I associate with more drug abusers and addicts than I have friends.

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@Neizvestnaya I feel your pain. How long has it been since a Pharma industry came up with a cure for anything. There’s not any long term profit in it unless you have to keep taking it for a lifetime. Treatments only—no cures please.

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