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Do we have a natural preference for the types of fruits and vegetables that are in season?

Asked by LostInParadise (25780points) January 5th, 2011

Imagine that you have a choice between your favorite apple and your favorite type of peach specially flown in from South America so that it is still fresh. Which would you choose?

I like peaches in warm weather, but when it gets cool I would much rather have the apple. If there are many others who feel that way then maybe there is an evolutionary explanation. Fruits (in the botanical sense) and the animals that eat them co-evolved. Could it be that the fruits are fine tuned to produce the type of nutrition best suited to the time of year?

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The problem with this hypothesis is that we evolved in Africa, and most of the fruits and veggies we eat now are not African. We have evolved to crave what has the most nutrition and energy per gram consumed, but I don’t know that whether or not it’s in season in the area where we presently live makes much difference.

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The problem is that when produce is flown in, it’s not picked at the peak of ripeness, it’s picked well before and then force-ripened. So, peaches in winter generally never taste as good as a local summer peach, you know?

But as a hypothetical, if the peach was tasty, I’d eat it in winter, just as I’d happily eat the apple. I don’t have a strong preference, either way.

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Not me. I live in California. We get fruit here all year long. Plus, I always want mango and pineapple and never want apples or squash.

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I don’t think it is more than conditioning.

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No. I always want mangos and artichokes, year-round. Having said that, when they’re really good, local, in-season produce, I like tons of stuff I don’t like the rest of the time.

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I’m fussy with fruit, most of it I don’t like, but I love fresh veg. I haven’t noticed a particular craving for seasonal produce, but I do think we crave foods that have nutrients that the body is lacking.

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I tend to agree personally with the idea. Thats why i love pies so much, because pies are always in season.

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No, I prefer peaches, strawberries, and grapes all year long. Thank goodness I live in California.

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My fruit preferences have nothing to do with the season. Sometimes I feel like an apple, sometimes a pear, and sometimes a pretzel.

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Okay, I get the message. Apparently my seasonal preference is a personal idiosyncrasy.

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