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What are the best fat burning workouts?

Asked by jabag11 (676points) January 5th, 2011

People keep saying cardio cardio cardio but I have found that lifting weights at the gym has burned more fat for me, definitely, no question about it, every time. But anyways i am 19 and am a male. I am trying to burn fat, The workouts I usually do are bench press, push ups one day, and then pullups, with curls, using dumbells and the bar another day, and then another day I will also do abbs, side plank and some situps, and before each workout session I will run for about 10 minutes..

I drink water and yea, so i’m just looking for the best fat burning workouts…
And yes I already know that working out legs is important since it is the biggest muscles and therefor burns the more calories. I’m not overweight I’m just trying to get rid of that extra flab!

all answers apprecited, thank you! please be specific with your answeres. thanks again!

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You need to do Cardio to get the heart pumping and the blood flowing. I have had good success with 20 min cardio and then lift weights and then another 45 – 60 minutes of cardio

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Best workouts I’ve ever found are free at They post a new workout every day. The routine is 3 days on, 1 day off. It’s pretty intense, so scale it back until you can do them as prescribed. Firefighters, police, and Navy SEALs do these workouts (but the SEALs take it up a notch). Shoot me a message or something if you have questions. There’s also Crossfit Football, but I forget the exact URL. Anyways, it mixes up everything from running to gymnastics to Olympic lifts to weights to lots of body weight exercises.

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Plyometrics segment of P90X.

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The best workouts that I’ve found are lifting kettlebells,jumping rope and kickboxing. Kettlebells can burn up to 20 calories a minute. Jumping rope burns at least 10 calories a minute if you keep up the vigorous pace.Kickboxing will burn at least 500 calories an hour if you work hard.

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Kettlebells rock.

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Walking at least a mile or more every single day.

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For burning fat, I would suggest to focus on running. If you have not had any massive results with cardio, perhaps the duration of workouts or the consistency in which you are doing workouts is not enough. However, with fitness it is best to just do what is fun for you. If you find weight lifting fun then by all means continue to do it. Keep experimenting with different forms of exercise as what works for everyone is different.

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@AndrewMcGregor Perfect answer. Thank you

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thanks to everyone else too! I’ll try a little more cardio!

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i’ve heard that the best way to burn fat is interval training. for instance: sprint for 30 seconds, then go to a mild jog for a minute, then repeat this for half an hour. I’m going to be trying this when i join the local gym next week so i will let you know how it goes, i’m also trying to get rid of a bit of extra flab!

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There are some good suggestions above. Interval training is a great way to do high intensity cardio. If you try this make sure you ease into it though, as it can be very hard work and you risk injuring yourself if you push too hard to start with.

Weight training is actually great for losing fat. Lifting weights increases Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption, that is to say it makes you burn off more calories in the hours and days after you’ve been lifting heavy weights. In terms of the “best” weights exercises to do, you really cannot beat Squats and Deadlifts. There are good descriptions of these (and all sorts of other good exercise info) here:

Both of these lifts work the whole body, and as you said, legs, which are very important.

Lifting weights also helps to build muscle. It takes more energy for your body to maintain one lb of muscle than one lb of fat, so if you build muscle this means you will burn more calories just by sitting around.

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Use a combination of cardio and strength training. I am 31 and female.

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I agree Cardio is excellent, but I do a “military” fatburning circuit and then do my cardio after. Doing weights first cuts fat off better and you burn more calories cause your body core temp is hot already . My I do the circuit 3 times, and each excersise is one minute with a little rest between. The circuit includes things like Squat/push up with Medicine ball. (Squat down with ball, put ball on floor, jump feet back, do push up, jump feet forward and stand up again), Burpees, Mountain climbers, push-ups, jumping jack w/ dumbell overhead press (feet go out, do overhead press at same time, feet come in, press comes back down)....the circuit has more in it, I can send it to you if you would like…

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There are several types of workouts available but as per my view, weight lifting and cardio exercises are the best workout for losing weight. You can also do yoga and meditation. Running and swimming are also very effective ways to burn fats easily.

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