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HELP me decide what to do about my Winter session geometry class?

Asked by tinyfaery (40254points) January 5th, 2011

On Monday I began a 4 day a week, 4½ hours a day geometry class that I need in order to take the math class that I enrolled in for Spring. Thing is, I have bronchitis. I have left early 3 days this week because I couldn’t stop coughing in class; people seemed like they were getting irritated. Plus, our first quiz is tomorrow and the book is not even at the bookstore. I get it tomorrow in the mail. Basically, I will probably fail, or at least not pass, my first quiz.

What should I do. I have three options. 1) Try to stay in class and somehow pass. 2) Drop the class and take geometry in the Spring (if I can get in), which would put me behind a whole semester. 3) Take an assessment test and hope I pass the geometry portion. Math is not my best subject, but I did look at a sample test and I feel I might be able to pass.

I am so torn.

Bonus question: If we have 5 quizzes and they are all weighted the same (100) and I fail the first quiz, could I just get solid C’s (I’m more likely to get B’s, but I’m considering worst case scenario) on the rest of the tests and still pass?

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It will be hard to bring up your gpa if you get a low mark in the class. Can you e-mail the professor and let him know how sick you are? Perhaps he/she will give extra credit opportunities.

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I would try to take the assesment test. What would you lose? If you passed, then you are still on schedule, if you fail, you’ll be behind, but you felt like you might not do well at this point anyway with your bronchitis.
I really think you need to take care of your bronchitis by staying home. You can’t concentrate while coughing your head off and by moving around a lot, it will just stir up the cough.

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I’m so sorry. I was forced to take geometry and understand how hard it can be if you are sick and have a test that your not ready for.I would either drop the class or email the professor and ask about my options. If you get a really negative response drop the class becuase you don’t want to fail.

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Let me get this straight, you have 18 hours of class time per week for one geometry class? I’ve never heard of something like that. That would make it a 16-credit class at my university.

Bronchitis could be contagious… you shouldn’t be going to class if you have the kind that is. Talk to your professor and the health center on your campus. I’m sure they’ll understand that you’re very sick and will make accommodations for you.

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I’m not sure what is the right thing to do, but I am sure I know what bronchitis is like. In your place I would drop the class right now and figure the rest out later. If you’re that sick, it’s not a good time to be doing much decision-making. Get better first.

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You should be able to take a makeup quiz. Go to the doctor and get an excuse (this is high school, right?). At least talk to your prof before you take the quiz.

You are at least in 10th grade and should not have to ask us your bonus question.

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Um, no. It’s college. I’m 36 and going back to school 9 years after getting a Master’s from UCLA. And did I not say I’m bad at math.

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@psychocandy I think @Jeruba makes lots of sense. Plus, talk to your doctor about prognosis and recovery. As you know, there are degrees of bronchitis. Good luck and get well.

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I assume it’s a short term (2 or 3 week) winter intersession course, which makes it hard if you lose a chunk of time. However, you have to take care of your sickness first. I’m late to this question, but I agree with e-mailing the prof. Perhaps if you study at home, you can take a make-up next week? Otherwise, I would study for the assessment test and take that.

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Well, I dropped the class. I feel like a bit of a failure and a wuss about it. Oh, well.

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OTOH – you have the exact same amount of lurve as me so that must count for something.~

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@Aqua, at some schools there is a winter term for the month of January. You can take 1 class, 4 hours a day for 3 weeks. This equates to 48 hours of class time, the same as a 3 credit hour class (MWF) spread out over 16 weeks in a normal semester.

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