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Airsoft gun comparison help?

Asked by demonictruth (455points) January 5th, 2011

Alright guys I need some help. Before I tell you about the guns I will warn you that they are both spring pistols. So here they are:

Unless you have a better option for around $30 that you think I may like, please stick to these two. It would be awesome if you could tell me which is better based on your opinion and maybe reviews (don’t do too much research I’ve already done a lot). Thank you very much.

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Between those two, I would go with the HFC M9 Elite. It seems to be more accurate, definitely has better reviews, and I think it looks better. I’ve never been a fan of Taurus pistols.

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Go with the HFC.

Taurus makes shitty real pistols as well as shitty airsoft pistols (and Cybergun makes that Taurus anyway and they are one of the worst airsoft companies).

HFC is a good company that makes a quality product.

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Thank you guys very much, I think I have been convinced =) I’ll let you know how the product turns out.

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