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So, we are lotto losers again, what is you still can't buy?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) January 6th, 2011

So, like I you did not win boat loads or oodles of money. What do you now still not get to buy? What I would have bought but still can’t it:
• Green tech interaction mansion ran of solar and wind.
• 80ft sloop with teak decks and all electric wenches.
• 1957 Corvette roadster with conv. hard top.
• 150ft motor yacht with a helipad.
• Black Lamborghini Murcielago w/tan leather int.
• Black F1 McLearen w/ tan leather int.
• 1973 Toyota Carona wagon.
• This for the finger of the fiancée –topping that with the wedding ring might be tough but what the heck, I would have had more money than Bubba Gump Shrimp—.
• 150+ acres in Lake county Ca.
Just a partial list
I bet you were thinking pretty small, weren’t you? :-)

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where can i purchase an electric wench? Would be real handy round the kitchen

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You off. (Pay you not to ask questions.)

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Can’t buy me love (or lurve, as the case may be). :-)

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For the longest time, my answer to this would have been “I’d buy my father a house.” But he owns a house now, so I don’t know. My wife and I do not have expensive tastes. The most costly thing we’d get ourselves is a second car (probably the new Honda CRZ). And maybe we’d help her parents move out of the dying city where they currently live so that they could get proper work again.

What I’d like to use some of the money for, however, is a big party. Not an all-out extravaganza, but something nice for our equally poor friends and colleagues. Maybe we’d even rent a place to hold it in and hire some people to clean it up for us.

The rest would be saved, minus the fee we’d need for our new accountant.

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When I win, I intend to set up a tax deductible 501©3 charity foundation. I will then hire my relatives to read the applications for grants and choose which ones to give the money away to. The plan is to use the donations and interest, and let the principal keep the charity running and my relatives employed for a couple of generations, at least.

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A wrap around home with a private garden and lushious tropical plants in the center of it built in Puerto Rico and with a gorgeous balcony from my bedroom window overlooking the mountains and off to the side, a view of the beach. Inside the house a swimming pool and gym.

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@Pandora Ooo ooo I want 1st use of the ellipticals and the Smith Machine.

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Year long European vacation. First class across the ocean, rooms at the best hotels, plenty of time on the French and Italian beaches, and sex with Scandinavian men.

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