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Did the Canadians show of class and sportsmanship after losing the Junior Worlds last night restore a little of your faith in hockey after the Penguins crap in the Winter Classic?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36683points) January 6th, 2011

Hockey is a rough physical game, but it has it’s own code of conduct and honor. Canada lost the Jr Worlds last night after getting to the finals and controlling the game through two periods. This was the second time in two years the nation that gave us hockey lost in the finals. But, they handled it with admirable class and sportsmanship. Quite unlike the Pittsburgh Penguins, who slunk off the ice without the classic handshake line that has marked all previous Winter Classic games. Did it help restore your faith in the game?

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The so-called Pittsburgh Penguins are not really penguins. Just sayin”

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@janbb Excuse me. Their mascot is a penguin. The poor sports are the people.

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There is a wide gap between Canada and the united states regarding sportsmanship…..
Also between NHL and Jr’s

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The winning Russian team was kicked off their flight out of Buffalo this morning due to unruly behavior…

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All that I can say is “Gloating Russians”. Ugh.

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