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Are you a sensitive type of guy? Do you have an easy time expressing emotion?

Asked by Jude (32126points) January 6th, 2011

Brought on by this question and my last comment.

Do you express emotion via writing, music and art?

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I’m a sensitive type guy and know how to express myself. Sometimes, shouldn’t, but do.

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No,I’m not.XD
I am a woman who creates art,but doesn’t always use it to express emotion,although it is the best way for me.I also listen to music that suits my mood and wish I could play piano.Writing?Meh..I do like to read though.
As for outwardly expressing how I feel? I DON’T HAVE A FUCKING FILTER!. XD XD XD XD XD XD XD Actually,I control that.Somewhat ;)

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Lucyloo, you are not a dude, but, I appreciate your input, lady.

You have big, fat bleeding heart and you know it. ;-) It is one of the things that I like about you. :)

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Someone get the woman a filter. Please. :)

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Not particularly (I try hard sometimes not to be), but Christine Lavin knows who they are.

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Has to be the longest answer ever by @lucillelucillelucille ! Lmao…

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I think I was destined to be an arrogant jerk. Then I lost some very important people when I was young and I think that taught me to value others more. It also taught me there’s more important things than being the tough guy.

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@Jude Thanks,Jude! Gets me in alot of trouble too XD
@BoBo1946-Plain question and plain answer make the shortest road out of most perplexities.- Mark Twain

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Jude, she may not be a dude, but she’s got more balls than a lot of dudes I know. :)

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@CyanoticWasp Not what I’m talking about, haha, but, thanks for playing.

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@Adirondackwannabe I wear skirts too! Dare to be different ;)

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I’ve heard of that guy…. ummm… might be my neighbor!

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Sad part is, guys who have a hard time admitting that they’re sensitive/emotional. Silly boys.

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The sad part is if we admit it, it will most likely come back and bite us in the ass somewhere along the line.

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I would consider myself a sensitive caring type. I do have an easy time expressing them in all forms (vocal, visual, written, fluther, music, art, emotional, physical, etc….but no anger issue).
Its very easy to know where I stand on things.

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I am very expressive and do a lot of expressing in my music, writings and hollow core doors.

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I weep or any man who can’t cry or otherwise express deep emotions when moved to do so.

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@Austinlad Your getting hitched, you haven’t begun to weep.:) Although it looks like it’s taken a few years off your avatar.

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Maybe I can be a little up front, I’m a little sensitive about overstepping the mark….. Just keen I guess! :-/
I tend to express myself verbally….. The odd poem now & then but it’s usually just filth, nothing worth printing! :-/
I’m a big softy really, although the lived in looks can be a little off putting to oversensitive women! :-/
I have been an emotional cripple in the past but I got over her…..eventually!

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If you’re someone I trust, and I don’t think you’ll hurt me, then my emotions are out there for you to see. If not, then I put up walls so you don’t know how I’m feeling.

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I’m so fuckin’ sensitive…. I can’t go on—just thinking about it has moved me to tears.

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I think I’m sensitive, but I don’t think I show it very well. I do write, but that’s not the same thing for me, as showing my own emotions.

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I wear my emotions on my sleeve sometimes.

Poetry is how I express myself most clearly, usually.

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I am sensitive and don’t tend to show emotions readily.

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I think I am pretty sensitive, though perhaps not as much as I was as a younger kid…but I have never found it terribly difficult to express emotions and I do it.

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A couple drinks in me, and I cry like John Boehner

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Sure. Relatively speaking, anyway. And I make music that, I hope, conveys a lot.

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