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How many e-gadgets will you be using regularly in five years?

Asked by wundayatta (58612points) January 6th, 2011

Land line phone with intercom? Smart phone? Tablet? Desktop computer? Laptop computer? Gaming device? Smart appliances or house? Smart car? Something else?

Which ones do you think you’ll find more useful? Which ones do you think you’ll own? How would you want any of them to change to make them more useful?

For extra credit: how many of these will talk and listen to you?

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Computers, Smart phone….All are equally useful…..

When I talk to my phone or one of my computers….It calls the person I want to talk to…Or finds the web page I want…Tracks my GPS (where I’ve been, Where I’m going speaks to me) so it does listen to what I say and can offer advice….They can also “talk” with each other…..If I lose or stolen my phone….... from only 1 my computer I can:
A: make it ring.
B:track it with GPS
C:download info from it
D:remote lock it or wipe it….

If it’s off it will auto lock when turned on and will display any message I send it….and auto advise me that the phone is now on…

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I can do without most of those things.My laptop is all I want.
I barely watch TV as it is :)

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laptop, landline, tv with pvr, sandisk. I’ve grown addicted to fluther, online banking, audiobooks, never missing one of my shows, books on that wee little thig I can carry in my purse for doctor’s office waits, etc. But if I had to pick one, it would be my landline.

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Hopefully none.

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The only small portable device I own and use is a small 4gbyte Philips mp3 player.
I do not even have a mobile phone.
And I have no intention of changing that.

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@wundayatta I hope to be retired in 5 years and spending the vast majority my time puttering around “the ranch” and engaging in several hobby activities, most of which involve various forms of arcane arts. The last thing I want to do during that happy time of life is spend it attached to and electronic leash.

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@YoBob Oh good! For a moment there I thought you were hinting that you would be dead by then.

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I don’t see a need to have a tablet. I know tablets are all the hype and rage now, but I’m not interested. I want a laptop and I do not want laptops to become obsolete. I plan on having a smart phone, laptop, digital camera, and that’s about it for me at the moment. In the future, I’d love to have smart appliances and home automation like my parents’ house (it’s still my house too lol) has.

And yeah, maybe I’d also perhaps own a tablet for note-taking (though ideally I do not want to have to have two computers) and have a bigger more powerful computer at home. Right now, I’m looking to have a mid-sized laptop that can be both my “at home” computer and my portable note-taking computer.

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