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Why does my kid fake sneeze?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) January 6th, 2011 from iPhone

She just turned two and does it constantly! And then says “bless you, mama” and pats me. Is it for attention? She gets a ton of that from me and my parents. It’s the first thing she does in the morning, literally, I go in her room and say good morning and he responds with, aaaaAAAHHCHOOOo! Her teachers in her little class say she does it there too. I hear her fake sneezing in her crib at night. It’s really funny, but why does she do this??

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Probably because she got some positive attention from real sneezing. She’s at the age where she is really becoming aware of what she is doing and the reaction it gets. You said you thought it sounded cute, so you probably laughed and then said, “Bless You.” So not only did she enjoy the fact that you laughed, there was a new term attached to it and so she is repeating it so she can say and hear the new term. Kind of like with peekaboo, I see you.

If you have a recorder, you should record some of her cute “sounds” like sneezing and just the way she talks at this age. Soon enough, she’ll be all grown up and won’t sound like this any more.

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@noelleptc Oh yes. I have a 5 year old nephew so I’ve seen the whole progression of saying something to the child and having him pick and choose which things he will react to. Sometimes you want them to react and they don’t. Othertimes they react to things that you wouldn’t think would be that interesting to them. Little kids are so funny.

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Perhaps she is doing it to seek attention. Try ignoring her when she does it, and it may stop her.
Alternatively maybe she really does have an allergy!

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I am not a parent, and therefore am unqualified to answer this question. But I am going to anyway. Kids do weird things. Sometimes they just think something is funny or cool and repeat it over and over. I remenber when I was 5 or 6 I wanted to live inside the clothes dryer in our basement. I spent many afternoons sitting in it with a flash light. I grew out of it and I am sure your child will find something else she likes and forget the fake sneezing.

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@noelleptc Kids pick things up in a hurry at that age. Last summer I was in some bleechers watching a horse show. The little girl sitting on her mother’s lap behind me accidently kicked me in the back. The mother scolded her, I looked around at her and smiled and said“No problem.” Guess what we heard for the rest of the afternoon? Although I’m hesitating to send this after your last answer.

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Not trying to sound funny, but have you tried giving her some fake cold medicine? Tell her “this stuff really works” and maybe she’ll stop after taking it…

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That’s adorable for about 5 minutes.
Maybe stop acknowledging it entirely and when she says “bless you, mama” tell her “we only say that for real sneezes.

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Well, poor mom. I guess she’s too young to have developed some nervous thing. She’ll get over it , for sure and go onto something else weird. This reminds me of the little kid at a hotel pool who crawled around and barked. Not once did I see her upright.
Keep her really busy, mom and try to be patient. I wish I had been.

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sound like a fun little game and she likes the sounds or attention.
This too shall pass.

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She probably thinks it sounds funny, for one thing. She also knows it gets her attention. Ignore it completely for a few days and it will probably stop being so interesting.

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As a child (older than two) I used to fake sneeze. This sounds really bad but I liked the attention that sneezing gave me. People always said “bless you” and that small bit of attention was all I needed. My fake sneezes sounded really convincing as well. I don’t know how old I was when I stopped fake sneezing.

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Souns like she just wants to have all of your attention even if you are busy.

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Kids love to copy everything they see. It’s not for attention, so much as creating new paths in their brains. My grandson was rolling over and crashing into walls for a week before my son realized he was pretending to be the toy truck they bought him.

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That sounds pretty cute, to me. Kids are complete freakazoids, lol, who knows why they do anything?

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I think you answered your own question when you said it was funny. If you think this is funny, then she knows it, and wants to please you. If you don’t like it, ignore the sneezes, and don’t laugh. They will go away. If you don’t care, let it go.

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Yeah…glad she has outgrown it.

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