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What else might a 'print screen' button look like?

Asked by faye (17839points) January 6th, 2011

I want to print a screen shot on my laptop, have downloaded a tool, but everything says, ‘press print screen button’ and I don’t see one.

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Prt Scr, perhaps.

Coincidentally, I don’t think you should require a program to do that. Print Screen should be sufficient, plus an image program like Paint.

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Mine has an icon on it, but it’s so small that I can’t make out what it’s supposed to be – but it has a lot of horizontal lines.. Usually it’s above the numeric keypad.

As @TheOnlyNeffie says, you don’t need anything special to process; any program that will allow you to create a graphical image – even Word!

Do the print screen – that puts the image of your screen into a buffer.

Then open the creating program, create a new file (if it’s a graphics program, the file dimensions should be that of your screen automatically) and paste!

If necessary you can resize or crop the image.

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Are you using a Mac or PC? On PC, keyboards should have a “Print Scrn” button; the button on my standard keyboard is above the set of buttons that include Delete, Insert, Page Up, Page Down, etc. If you’re using a laptop you may have to hold a button like Fn or something. The text that says “print screen” might be in a different color than the text on other keys.

On a Mac, you can take a screenshot by pressing Command+Shift+3 together, or Command+shift+4 to select an area of the screen to capture.

Hope this helps. :)

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My keyboard has PRTSC. It also has SYSRQ (system request) on the same key.

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what is the model of your laptop. It may be on a function key. look at all the keys very closely to find the prt-sc.
In the even you have to oddest laptop with no prt-sc key (i have never heard of that), then the program you loaded and all other screen capture programs allow you to assign a hot key and action.

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@PhiNotPi Same here.

@blueiiznh I’ve never seen one that you had to hold the Fn key to access PRTSC unledd it lacked the other keys normally next to it like Home, End, Insert, and Delete.
I generally do my screenshots with XnView and assign it to F10, so I usually don’t use my PRTSC button anyways.
Using the PRTSC button takes a snapshot of your screen and copies it to the clipboard and I sometimes don’t wan tto wipe out the current contents of my clipboard. If you use the PRTSC key without any programs, you also need is to remember to go into Paint (or another, similar graphics program) and paste the image there in order to save it to a file; I sometimes blitz it or have a brain-fart and forget that.
By contrast, XnView can also take the entire contents of any active window, even the stuff that doesn’t show on-screen, like a long web page. Sure, it isn’t the only program that does that but I use XnView for most of my image stuff anyways, so it’s a nice added bonus.

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Thanks everyone. It’s a prt sc, very small! and doesn’t want to work for me anyway. I’ll try tomorrow.

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@faye so you may have a similar one to the HP laptops. it is listed as prt sc in the upper right corner. Is it in an alternate color (blue or orange). Ifso, you will need to find the fn (function) key that you have to hold down to execute these special keys. This will capture the entire screen. If you want only the active window, hold the function key and Alt key, then press prt sc. the Alt print screen only copies the active window to clipboard so you can paste it.
It is a weak tool, but does the job. If you are doing alot of capturing try snag-it (not free anymore), lightscreen (free) or any of the others mentioned here.

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@faye You said it doesn’t work for you, and I just wanted to make sure you’re not expecting feedback. There’s no message, no sound when you hit the key – but it will copy to the clipboard and you can paste from there into an application. You just gotta have faith!

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