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If you take vitamins, what is your daily pill schedule?

Asked by Aster (18198points) January 6th, 2011

I can’t recall when I didn’t take vitamins. Yesterday, Deepak Chopra was on tv and , joy of joys, he revealed what he takes each day. So I will concentrate on these: two fishoil gelcaps, 2K IU of D3, (I take 4K) and a multiple vitamin (he said any brand will do). I don’t know why he’d say that; I buy a high IU brand. He may have mentioned a fourth; I’d have to check my DVR.
What do you take?

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Multi vitaman, 2 Fish Oil, a B complex and a melatonin tablet before bed.

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Yeah, I do the Melatonin also but didn’t consider it a supplement. Sublingual.

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I take a Prenatal Vitamin with DHA (it’s 2 pills) each night before bed.

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Multi, C, D, calcium, fish oil, Biotin, B complex.

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