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What is the best weight loss book you ever read?

Asked by glenjamin (2502points) January 6th, 2011

I’m looking for a book that tells you alot about the science of weight loss, but is fun for anyone to read. Something that actually worked for you or that you actually read would be the most helpful.

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The Food Tree by Ranveig Elvebakk MD, see this website. It is healthy, smart and works. Easy to stay on and once you have reached your target weight, it is easy to maintain and you can slowly add back the whitish carbs and a little bit of sugar.

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My calorie counter book! Keeping track of my calorie intake and exercising worked better than any book diet I ever tried.

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I think the best weight loss book is The Zone by Harry Seers.

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Fast Food Nation

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Oh, Chuckie, once again you read my mind (and stole my thunder).

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Ultra Metabolism by Mark Hyman.

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